Elite Screens Spectrum 100-inch ELECTRIC100H Review

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Elite Screens Spectrum 100-inch ELECTRIC100H ReviewElite Screens Spectrum ELECTRIC100H projector screen is one of the many screens in the  Elite Screens Spectrum series. The ELECTRIC100H is specifically made to suite wide-range viewing, with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a 100-inch screen display. It comes with state of the art screen technology that includes 3D and 4K display in a UHD (Ultra High Definition) sound transparent material. Featuring both motorized and electric powering, the screen offers a great experience in terms of energy sufficiency and control.

Main Features of the Elite Screens ELECTRIC100H:

16:9 aspect ratio (100-inchesx1-inches) screen with varied diagonal lengths. This gives a wide view for both large and smaller audience.
Screen is made of a hard MaxWhite 1.1 material that is sturdy, easier to clean and guarantees durability with minimum management.
Black masking borders work to enhance picture quality while suppressing light, giving it a unique high definition display.
An AcousticPro UHD sound material that is transparent enhances the sound quality to reach clear and audible sound qualities.
The Electric100H screen comes in a black metal casing with additional installation features suitable for walls and ceilings.
Works in Infrared (IR) remote control program, with internal IR and RF(Radio Frequency) low voltage receivers, where the user has total control. This ensures easy usage and comfort to a presenter.
The screen has a 3-way wall switch that suites manual control.
Elite Screens Spectrum, 100-inch 16:9, ELECTRIC100H projector screen also features a built-in 5-12 volt trigger that works to synchronize the screen drop and rise properties per the projector power cycle. This works to ensure efficiency in the available energy and at the same time allow longevity in service.
Fully assembled 3-prong power system that is ready to plug, in addition to a motor that synchronizes well to ensure low power consumption. The motor is totally silent, its operation is quite easy and is long-lasting.
Elite Screens offer a 2-year warranty for repair and replacement, and a 3-year warranty for big time institutional users.


Pros and Cons:

The Electric100H screen is one of the best Spectrum series projector screens. Its quality and durability is not deceiving. Perhaps what makes it stand out from the rest is the one aspect of low power consumption against long durations of usage. The screen is best for both commercial and residential use. Its especially suitable for home theatre and TV projection. In this case, the UHD 3D display and UHD sound is a fete. However, it scores higher in terms of weight and thus may not be exactly suitable for persons looking for a sleek, simple projector screen.


Final Verdict:

Elite Screens Spectrum, 100-inch 16:9, ELECTRIC100H screen is clearly a top-notch quality projector screen encompassing all projection needs. With an electrical screen that is durable and user-friendly, one can expect efficient and long-term usability.

Elite Screens Spectrum, 100-inch

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