how to get sound from projector to speakers

How to Get Sound from the Projector to Speakers

how to get sound from projector to speakers

Are you wondering why you cannot get the audio from your projector to your speaker?

That can be quite frustrating, especially when you are trying to watch something on your big screen. The truth is that many projectors come with poor-quality speakers that cannot produce sound. 

Sound effects are essential and help you understand a presentation on the screen.

Here is good news. 

You can sort that out by connecting your projector to an external speaker. It is possible to fix that within a few minutes. 

There are two ways of doing this.

  1. Get the sound from the projector to the speaker using cables
  2. Get the audio from the projector to the speaker wirelessly

You should be able to get audio from your projector to speakers after reading this guide whether you opt for a wireless connection or use cables.

We are going to explore each of these ways. 

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How to get Sound from the Projector to the Speaker using Cables


projector to speakers

Since most projectors have poor quality speakers, using external speakers to increase the sound would be the best solution. You can use cables to get that much-needed sound.

Here is how:

  • High-quality cables

Before anything else, the first thing to do is find some high-quality cables that you can connect to the speaker.

  • Turn off the speakers and projectors

It is essential that before you begin the process that you turn off the speakers and projectors.  This will avoid causing any damage to your equipment. 

The first risk and danger you want to avoid is getting a shock during this process. Some people get shocked when trying to connect their speakers and projectors while leaving everything on.

In addition, If you plug everything in without turning them off, you will run the risk of getting annoying feedback sounds while setting everything up. 

So check again if the speakers and projectors are off.  Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Find the audio jack on the projector

In this step, you should find out the location of the sound on your projector. It will be labeled clearly, so it should be easy to find. 

It is typically situated in the same place where the rest of the connection ports are located. This would be the signal input or connection ports.

 After finding the audio jack, ensure that you can access it when using the projector.

  • Put the cable in the speakers and the projector

At this stage, you should insert the cable into the projector. This should hook your speakers, but remember to make sure that the devices are powered off for your safety.

Next, connect an audio cord to your projector’s speakers. Once these two are connected you will have the level of audio you wish while watching your film.

Should you have a projector that is ceiling mounted, you want to take the projector down first so that you can plug in the wires. After you remount it then you can continue with the rest of the setup.

  • Test the audio signal

In this step, you will turn on the audio signal in order to test that it is working. You want to be certain that you have the sound between the speaker and the projector properly connected.

 If you don’t hear the audio after following these steps, then there might be an issue somewhere. Here are questions that you might want to answer to determine the cause of the problem.

a. Is your projector producing any sound?

You will establish this by playing the audio on your projector. First, disconnect the external speaker. 

Ensure that the volume is not so low you cannot hear it or mute it by checking the projector settings. 

b. Can you hear any sound from your projector speakers while the projector is connected to the external speakers?

Your inbuilt projector speakers need to be deactivated once you connect external speakers. If you can still hear sounds from the projector speakers, it means that you have not properly connected your speaker cable to the right port.  

That is the process when working with a cable.

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How can you get Sound from a Projector to the Speaker Wirelessly?


how to get sound from projector to speakers


Remember you will have to check whether your speaker and projector can support wireless connection. If it doesn’t support, then you can connect using cables.

If you use a Bluetooth speaker, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get sound to your projector wirelessly.

It’s actually quite simple.

This method saves you from the trouble of looking for cables. Even though most projectors don’t have wireless capability, a Bluetooth transmitter can be utilized to wirelessly transmit audio.

Here is how you can go about solving and troubleshooting any connection issues.

First, you need to ensure that your wireless Bluetooth speaker is connected to the intended device. It is, therefore, crucial to identify the Bluetooth device you want to link to the projector. 

One connection issue that can arise and cause interference in your connection is the distance between the two devices. Be certain that the devices are located with their connectivity supported distance.

You will know if you are successful depending on whether or not there is any sound coming out from your speakers.

Here are some other details that you might want to check.

– Are the speakers and projector working well? Make sure that your speaker is okay by first testing it with another device like your mobile phone. 

– You should also confirm that your projector is working by playing visible audio.

– Is your Bluetooth connection having issues? Your Bluetooth connection might be independently connecting and disconnecting which will disrupt the connection. 

To verify if this is the issue turn off the Bluetooth and then turn it on again.

After checking the above things, follow the steps below.

  1. Retune the wireless router
  2. Turn off the Bluetooth of your speakers and turn them on again
  3. Pair the transmitter once again. You should be able to get sound from the projector to the speaker once again.

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