JmGO G1 1500LM LED Projector Review – Does Not Disappoint.


JmGO G1 1500LM LED Projector Review

The talk amongst home projection experts, before the release of the JmGO G1 1500LM LED Projector, was that it was going to be a little different than those projectors currently available. But what did this mean? JmGO had mentioned an original design, some advanced features, and a few suprises, might be available on the JmGO G1. All this talk wet the appetite of many reviewers and experts, so much so, that a certain hype had built-up around the product, in the hope that it might break the monotony of sameness among projectors, and offer buyers something new and exciting. Was it the hit we we’re all hoping for? Or, where JmGO perhaps too confident about its merits? You can find out here, in my JmGO G1 1500LM projector review.


  • Excellent design
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 3D playback
  • Multiple Interfaces
  • Very quick switch rate
  • Easy set-up
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Very large throw distance


  • 1500 lumens of brightness
  • 3D Glasses are not included


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

The design was everything we experts had hoped for; it was radically different from any other projector we’d seen. It looks kind of like a thick CD, but is far more beautiful and I must give JmGO credit for coming up with something so aesthetically pleasing. It’s rounded shape and streamlined features make the JmGO G1 an excellent addition to the living room décor. The portability is there too, with the measurements being 22.6cm in length, by 22.6cm of width, and its depth is 7.6cm. The weight is just 3.8kg, which is nothing short of amazing, and makes it one of the lightest projectors on the market. I really cannot fault the design in any way.



The set-up is no problem at all as it’ll throw up an image in seconds, and you’re also supplied with an HDMI lead, which was nice, considering most projectors don’t come with one. In this sense, one could say it comes ready to use.

The picture is nothing short of incredible, with 1080p Full HD quality, crisp and clear images projected onto a screen, which can be enlarged to a maximum size of 300 inches. So buyers will be able to play DVD’s, Blu-ray, and games on a system with a picture clarity as high, if not higher than the average full HD TV set. Some readers might be thinking, full HD 1080p looks the same no matter what device you view it on, but that’s not true. Without going into tech jargon, it’s about how the pixels perform, and what distortion levels exist in a product. The pixels on the JmGO G1 perform phenomenally, and buyers will be overwhelmed by the quality.

There is one problem though, and how much of a problem it is, or if it’s even a problem at all, would depend on what each individual is looking for in a projector. The trade-off for the terrific picture, seems to be the lumens, and at only 1500 lumens of brightness, buyers can forget about watching movies in sunlight. Curtains must be drawn, and the day must be cloudy, for quality viewing without the curtains drawn. If drawing the curtains or shutting the blinds isn’t a problem, then buyers can own one of the most image-clear projectors ever made. If that is a problem, than then G1 should be avoided.

Back to some more good news, the G1 has a Quad Core processor, which helps its built-in surround sound speakers produce outrageously good cinema standard sound, to go with the great picture. Usually found in home PC’s, quad core processesors, are four processor units, linked together, so the JmGO G1 is also tremendously fast and is wonderful at multi-tasking. This inclusion is very unusual for a projector. For added versatility, the G1 has 3D playback and multiple interfaces so buyers can hook up their laptop, digital camera, PC, mouse, phone, and indeed any other device. The G1 can easily become the main focal point of anyone’s home entertainment experience.

The JmGO G1 has a range of screen ratios including: 16:10, 16:9, and 14:3, with a throw ratio of 1.4:1. What this means is buyers must be about 140 inches back to view a 100 inch screen in perfect clarity. This is pretty good for a projector in this price range, and viewers will also have a large number of modes to view in, so they can adapt each viewing experience to their liking. They’ve also made it wireless, so buyers can surf the internet or stream movies easily.

Final Verdict:

This is inches away from perfection, and comes cheaper than many people might think. Full HD quality, Blu-ray playback, a quad core processor, a terrific design, excellent throw ratio, wonderful speakers. So why only 1500 lumens? Well, I suppose to add all these excellent features, costs must be cut elsewhere, and the lumens became the trade-off. It’s still an excellent buying choice, even if you can’t view it on a sunny day unless you draw the curtains.

mGO G1

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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