Masimo MightySat Review

Masimo MightySat Review

At a Glance: Quick Ratings

  • The price tag is relatively steep in comparison to its competitors.
  • It’s relatively intuitive, but the massive amount of features may make it difficult to find what you need.
  • Accuracy is pretty good, with a standard variability of up to 3%.
  • Extra measurements and data exportation capabilities make this unit a good option.

A Deep Dive Into The Masimo MightySat

A couple of the biggest highlights for this device is the ability to report Respiration Rate (RRp) and Pleth Variability Index (PVi) and to export data. Keep in mind, however, that this is a consumer device. So, the execution is not perfect.
But if you are looking for a premium unit to measure Oxygen Saturation and Pulse rate, this may be a good choice. If you are willing to pay the premium price tag that goes along with it.

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  • Tracks RRp and PVi
  • Works during low blood flow or movement
  • Share data with app
  • Good for spot checks


  • Only holds 12hr of data at a time
  • Can’t interface directly with PC
  • Unclear directions for app use

What Is It?

The MightySat is brought to the market by a company called Masimo. The company has been around for the past 25 years and it specializes in noninvasive approaches to patient monitoring.
However, despite the medical nature of Masimo devices, they are not necessarily medical-grade. As the website claims, they are supposed to be used for general wellness and health. So that leaves a lot of leeway in terms of accuracy, which some consumers have found out.
Generally, if you want to keep track of your pulse rate and oxygen levels, this is the device you’d use. It’s a more complex unit than the fitness smartwatches that saturate the market. And it’s intended for athletes or relaxation management.
Some users use it to monitor pre-existing medical conditions. But as mentioned before, this is not a medical-grade device. So, the accuracy may vary.

What’s Included?

If you do order the MightySat, it comes with everything you need to get started. You receive the oximeter unit and 2 batteries. Also included are a carry case and lanyard for easy transportation outside the house.
Of course, though the MightySat can be paired with iOS and Android devices, those aren’t included in the package.

Overview of Features

So, what’s so great about this device? Like other oximeters on the consumer market (See here!), this one can measure your pulse and oxygen saturation levels. Sports and fitness enthusiasts may find this device very useful.  But the MightySat has additional measurement capabilities that some competitors don’t have: Pleth variability index and respiration rate. But unless you need these readings or know what to do with them, these extra measurements may not justify the high price of this device.

Another highlight of the MightySat is the ability to track, trend, display, and share data. You can only export your data via the Masimo app. So, you do need to have an iOS or Android device with Bluetooth capabilities.
Furthermore, you can’t do much with the data without a portable device. But you can email it to yourself in the form of a .cvs file for future use on a PC. And you can interact with the data on the smartphone or tablet itself. In reality, this device works well if you use it the way it is intended: sports, fitness, and relaxation management. There is a wide range of data types to select from. And it’s relatively accurate for a consumer product.
But remember, this isn’t a medical device so if you do have a health condition that requires monitoring, this device may not be enough to fit the bill. Because of the accuracy variability, it may not be accurate enough for some people.

As the manufacturer claims, its devices aren’t meant to diagnose. So, if you’re one of those people who want to keep track of their oxygen levels because of sleep apnea, you may get some good readings. But they are only for educational purposes and don’t take the place of a medical professional.

Review Summary

Lastly, the device is relatively intuitive and may be used straight out of the box. Small issues like cloth carry case instead of a hard one, or battery drain may be overlooked in favor of the device’s utility features. And it really does have massive functionality.
Is it enough to justify the steep price tag? That really depends on you. But for people who need a serious oximeter that is just shy of medical grade, this may be a good option.

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