roscoe 7000 2nd edition review

Roscoe TENS 7000 2nd Edition Review

At a Glance: Quick Ratings

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Battery Life


  • Adjustable intensity levels between 0 and 100mA
  • 5 preprogrammed modes
  • Easy-to-read screen and detailed instructions manual
  • Battery longevity varies a lot depending on the modes

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A Deep Dive Into The Roscoe TENS 7000 2nd Edition 

Dealing with pain without resorting to pills is not so far-fetched anymore. Though electrical stimulation has gotten a bad rep in the past for its misuse in treating psychological conditions, these days, EMS and TENS machines are safe and effective.

Roscoe came up with one of the most trusted TENS machines on the market, the TENS 7000, now in the improved 2nd Edition. It can be used for any type of muscle pains as it can cover small and large areas and promote a targeted and highly accurate form of electrical stimulation.

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Like any other TENS machine, the Roscoe TENS 7000 2nd Edition is aimed at athletes, those in physical or medical rehab, sufferersof chronic pain, and anyone else that needs to relax, takes the edge off, and perhaps produces some extra endorphins without using medication, prescription or OTC. Though adjustable, it is still not recommended for people wearing pacemakers unless a doctor approves the treatment method.

Product Info

The TENS 7000 may not be the world’s fanciest-looking gadget but it is hands down a very solid electrical stimulator. The second edition brings some new and improved features over its decade-old predecessor. It has a very attractive price sticker and a fairly well-known brand.

What’s Included?

The device comes with lead wires, a 9V battery to get you started, a carry case that’s great for anyone that’s on the road a lot, and a set of four pads. Of course, there’s also a written guide with instructions on how to use the modes and what level of intensity or frequency to use for certain body parts or types of pain.

Overview of Features

Like most TENS units, this one also offers a timer feature. With it, you can set the device to work for anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes. You can also make changes on the fly in one-minute increments. Doing this is easy as you only have two Up/Down buttons to use for the timer and other adjustable functions.

Of course, if you’re not sure how long you’ll need to use it, you can also set it to work continuously and only turn it off when you’re satisfied with the results.

The device is highly adjustable which opens up a lot of treatment opportunities. For starters, it comes with 5 preset modes– burst, modulation, normal, SD1, and SD2. Each offers a unique electrode behavior designed for specific muscle groups.

But 5 modes don’t look too impressive on paper relative to other devices. Thankfully, the TENS 7000 2nd Edition also offers three more categories of adjustable settings.

You can choose intensity, pulse width, and frequency. All of this allows you to customize treatments and sessions for your unique physical issues. The pulse width adjustmentin particular is very interesting and useful when you’re trying to get localize coverage under the pads.

It’s not surprising that given all the great features so far, this device also offers a 0-100mA current intensity range. And, you can also save on battery life by using it with just two pads if you need to treat smaller muscle groups.

Review Summary

Many TENS units are advertised as portable.

Though the majority are indeed lightweight and easy to pack, you would be surprised to learn how few of them actually come with a solid carrying case. 

The electrode pads can be quite fragile so it’s nice to see that Roscoe goes the extra mile to give customers a long-lasting product.

In terms of treatment options, the TENS 7000 2nd edition certainly exceeds expectations for its price range. Its level of adjustability is perhaps overkill for most people, but the ease of use allows you to experiment with different treatment methods. Surely one of the better TENS units on the market right now.

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