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A Deep Dive Into TomTom Runner 2

Following on from the highly successful and very popular Runner Cardio & MultiSport Cardio is the TomTom Runner 2. This watch comes in several guises and is also sometimes referred to as the TomTom Spark. Referring to it as the “Runner 2” implies it is predominantly/solely aimed at runners, however, in my opinion it’s simply a great all-rounder for anyone who runs / bikes / walks / gyms for fitness.

The model I was sent to test was the TomTom Runner 2 Cardio + Music. I will discuss the other available products later. This is the top of the range with OFF the WRIST heart rate sensor and 3gB (500 songs) of internal storage for music files. This version comes with some high quality Bluetooth headphones. This great GPS sports watch has been reviewed by Tristan Haskins aka CardioCritic (previously HeartRateMonitor UK).

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I have made 4 short videos to better explain the functionality, navigation and features of the Runner 2 / Spark. The 4th video relating to the TomTom MySports APP can be found at the bottom of the page.

Video 1 – Time of Day / Activity Tracking

In this first video I have focused on the features available from the home screen (time of day) and BACKWARDS (left navigation toggle) to the ACTIVITY TRACKING functions. The Runner 2 keeps a daily and weekly track of STEPS – CALORIES – DISTANCE and ACTIVE TIME. I also discuss how the MUSIC is accessed and controlled from the watch and the earphone controller. Please watch the video to save me having to type much more…

Video 2 – Exercising with the Runner2

In this second video video I have try to cover in as much detail relating to the EXERCISE functions of the watch:

  • Interval Training – how to set up an interval training session
  • Display fields of the training pages
  • Available Exercise modes (Run, Bike, Gym, Swim etc)
  • Setting a Goal (distance, calories or time)
  • A peek at TomTom MySports App on smartphone
  • General navigation while training
  • What you can expect to see while training including TIME in Heart Rate Zones x 5 and Heart Rate Graph

Video 3 – ZONE Training & RACE function

In this third video I take a look at training within a heart rate zone and also racing a previously recorded track or setting up a custom race objective.

  • Exercising within a ZONE. This can be speed zone, pace zone, heart rate zone or cadence zone
  • RACE. This features lets you race against a virtual racer. You have 3 options when selecting the type of race.
  • Race – RECENT – There are also some pre-programmed RACES eg. 3 mile in 25 mins / 5km in 26 mins / 6 miles in 50 mins etc
  • PREVIOUS – race against a recent exercise that is currently in your watches memory
  • CUSTOM – perfect. Simply set the DISTANCE you want to run and the TIME you wish to achieve and it will pace you along. For example. Set TIME to 40 mins and DISTANCE to 5 miles and it will pace you to 8 min/mile pace

TomTom MySports APP – quick summary

Main Features and Functions

The TomTom Runner Cardio and MultiSport Cardio were, and still are, very competent GPS sports watches. TomTom have taken these two great products and added the following enhancements.

  • Slimmer – the new model is considerably sleeker
  • Activity Tracker – TomTom have added 24/7 activity tracking to help you achieve a daily target of steps, distance, calories or time active
  • Sleep Monitoring – you can now keep a track of the quality and duration of your sleep
  • Internal Music Storage – you get 3 Gig of internal memory for up to 500 songs. The music is transmitted to a high quality pair of TomTom Bluetooth headphones. * Note > headphones in pictures and videos are NOT as supplied.

More Features

Music On the Go

Heart Rate Monitor OFF your WRIST

Training in 5 x Heart Rate Zones


Activity Tracker

Top Alternatives

Next Model UP

The TomTom Spark 3 features ROUTE EXPLORE added functionality. This new feature works in two ways. When you run outside it creates a breadcrumb trail of where you’ve been. If you get lost, you can follow the trail to find your way home. Alternatively, you can UPLOAD gpx routes to the watch, via the MySports website. T

o follow one of these preloaded tracks just select the desired route from the TRAILS menu before starting your ride/run. If this is NOT a feature that excites you, then I would still very much recommend this Spark 2 / Runner 2 model, especially now that our shopping partners have reduced the price.

Next Model DOWN

The next model down is the TomTom Runner Cardio. It’s a very similar product but it is lacking the ACTIVITY TRACKER and the MUSIC storage facility. This newer model is also a bit sleeker / slimmer. If you want a sensibly featured running watch with built-in heart rate and GPS then I still recommend this original Runner Cardio as an excellent value.

Alternative Models from Competitors?

From the current line up of GPS running watches with wrist based heart rate sensors, the one that has the most similar essential features would be the Garmin Forerunner 35. If you are after a more TECHNICAL running watch with a lot more feedback regarding recovery, personal records and other performance related running metrics then I’d recommend the Forerunner 235. Neither models have the ability to STORE music locally, but, they can control your smartphone’s music via Bluetooth.

  • Garmin Forerunner 235 technical running watch with wrist based HR
  • Garmin Forerunner 35 everyday runner’s watch with wrist based HR
  • Polar M200 similar to the Forerunner 35, an everyday runner’s watch with wrist based HR

Wearable Tech Running Fans

If you’re in to wearable technology then Android users may want to consider the Polar M600, powered by Android Wear or for users of iPhone the Apple Watch 2 Nike+. Both these watches feature built-in GPS, are swim proof, have wrist based heart rate and can store music on their internal memory for playback via Bluetooth headphones.

Polar M600 Android Wear connected smartwatch, supports Strava application.

Apple Watch Nike+ iPhone connected smartwatch comes with Nike+ Run Club pre-installed.

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Should you buy one? I really like the fact I could go for a run WITHOUT my smartphone and listen to music straight from the watch. Some people might find it a bit tricky getting music to the watch, but it’s not rocket science and the TomTom MySports desktop application does make it quite easy.

The off the wrist heart rate sensors are accurate and reliable. The activity tracker is personalised and motivational. It has some advanced training functions that are very easy to access and set up like the Interval settings. The ability to see Time In Zone real-time is a great feature for those with a training agenda.

The ZONES feature allowing the user to set a ZONE goal based on PACE, SPEED, HEART RATE or CADENCE is great for owners looking to stay within a dedicated intensity/speed/pace.

Last Word – could be better

The only things I’d like to see added to the TomTom Runner 2 Cardio Music are

  • Movement Alerts (get moving Haskins !!) – I personally find these motivational
  • TomTom are looking in to this as it is something quite a few customers have asked about
  • Smartphone Notifications… whoops… that hot potato. I have seen a few people moaning about this on forums. If you want smartphone notifications in your watch, RIGHT NOW, look at something else. It might be a “coming soon” feature but it seems it’s been coming for some time.
  • This is WORK in PROGRESS… and we hope to see it sometime soon, but there is no firm date
  • I’d love a HOTLINK button to get access to MUSIC tracks and playlists. I may be wrong, but I had to PAUSE my activity to get to the music controls? Please tell me if I am wrong
  • TomTom will get back to me regarding the feasibility of a shortcut to track selection. Again, something other people have requested

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Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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