Top 7 Treatments for Relieving Nerve Pain Naturally

Nerve pain happens when you have been injured during an accident. The pain is also caused by certain diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
Moreover, certain medications such as those that are used in chemotherapy can also cause your nerves to ache. The pain varies from one person to another.
Nerve pain can only be regarded as either sharp or mild. Although sometimes the pain goes away on its own, the pain tends to persist for years until it’s treated.
This in return denies you a chance to carry on with your life. In fact, there are people who end up suffering from depression due to the stress that results from thinking about the pain all the time.
Here is a list of treatments that are effective in relieving nerve pain naturally.

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1. Cold and Warm Presses

When your nerves have been damaged due to an injury or an illness, they continue sending signals to the brain. Cold-pressed, therefore, work by stopping the transmission of such pain signals to the brain.
In other words, you trick your brain that all is well with your body even when you have a severe injury. To get started, you first get ice packs and place them on the affected area for about 5 to 10 minutes at least twice per day.
Warm presses on the other hand work by activating nerve endings that are dormant so that they can develop and heal the patch left behind by the injury.

2. Vitamins B

Foods that are rich in vitamins are highly recommended for patients that are suffering from nerve pain. This is because they enhance the repair of worn-out tissues.
You should actually ensure that your food portion contains lots of vegetables and fruits such as oranges, watermelon, avocado, lettuce, apple, pineapple, cabbage, mangoes, and spinach.
Fortunately, there is no harm in overindulging in fruits and vegetables because they contain almost zero calories. For more details, go to

3. Massage with Essential Oils

Massage actually works like magic. This is because it helps in relaxing muscles that are swollen and irritated. In fact, muscles respond to injuries and inflammation by swelling.
When you are massaged for about 70 minutes, the swelling tends to go away. For best results, it’s advisable you massage the affected joints with essential oils such as coconut oil and tea tree oil as they help in greasing the touch.

4. Quit Smoking and Drinking

Research shows that smoking and drinking alcohol reduce blood circulation throughout the body. This in return causes your veins to be narrow.
When your veins are narrow they are not able to carry enough oxygenated blood. This tends to slow down the healing process in the affected area.
You should therefore consider quitting smoking and drinking altogether.
Since it’s not easy to quit these vices at once, you should start by reducing your daily consumption and advance gradually.

5. Eating Foods Rich in Proteins

Doctors advise nerve pain patients to eat enough proteins because they are the building blocks of muscles and tissues. In fact, proteins induce the tissues of the affected area to continue growing.
Below are the top 10 natural foods rich in protein:
This helps in the restoration of the muscles that were once damaged. Although you have the option of choosing between animal and plant protein, the latter category is usually the best because it has low levels of calories.

6. Exercise

Most people advocate against exercising when you are suffering from nerve pain because they believe that it makes it worse. Contrary to common belief, exercising helps in relieving pain.
This is because exercising boosts blood circulation which in return helps in countering inflammation in the joints. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to engage in vigorous exercises. A brisk walk per day is all you need to kick the pain out.

7. Fish Oil

Fish oil contains fatty acids that help in healing inflammations. Besides that, the oil helps in protecting the affected area against infections.
This is because the health supplement is rich in omega 3, an ingredient that boosts immunity. But if your pain is due to a chronic illness, you should first consult your doctor before using fish oil as it might react badly with your medication.

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