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A Deep Dive Into Garmin Vivosmart

The Vivosmart is the perfect activity tracking bracelet for those who want to keep track of daily steps. Working towards a daily activity goal is a great way of improving fitness and keeping motivated throughout the day.

The VivoSmart is an exceptional discrete piece of wearable tech that will provide everything you need, when paired with your iPhone or Android smartdevice, to help get you fitter and more active.

The Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Tracker and Activity monitor has been reviewed and tested by Tristan Haskins aka CardioCritic (formerly HeartRateMonitor UK)

  • Who Is It For?

  • Video Review

This is our own short video review of the Vivosmart. We have been using it for several weeks to gain an insight in to it’s performance before writing the review. The video review is intended to give the viewer a “hands on” feel for the product and it’s application / use

Garmin’s Promotional Videos

In this video by Garmin the team tell you what it’s all about. Join the movement with the Garmin Vívosmart.

It’s an activity tracker with smartphone notifications. Every time your phone receives a text, email or call  the vívosmart will gently vibrate and automatically displays the details.

But more than that it monitors your daily steps, calories burnt, sleep time and much more.

Best Features

When you have had such a successful product as the Vivofit and the new Vivofit 2 it’s might seem like a challenge to bring out an even BETTER activity tracker than the original.

The Vivosmart is just a bit clever, just a bit sleeker, a bit more TECHIE and also a bit more expensive. 

It’s a well designed product that includes ALL the good things from the Vivofit and adds to them. For those who enjoy the Google Plus webservice we have added a gallery of Vivosmart images here

Setting an Achievable Daily Goal

There is no point in an activity tracker telling you to exercise for 1 hour every day before breakfast and after dinner (unless you’re a pro-athlete).

It’s all about small progressive improvements to your lifestyle. We really like the way this product learns from you and your activity levels. The Vivosmart teaches itself about your current daily activity and sets you an ACHIEVABLE DAILY GOAL. Fitness is all about baby steps.

There’s no point trying to go from zero couch potato to hero 10K champion of Norfolk in 10 weeks. Those type of unachievable goals result, generally, in two things, disappointment and injury. This is one of the best features of the Vivosmart.

Improved Wearable Tech Features

The improved wearable tech functionality with the incoming call, text and email is great, especially when out on a bike ride or backpacking with your phone in a rucksack. Also, the FIND MY PHONE feature works really well.

The Vivosmart will help you locate your smartphone via Bluetooth (assuming it’s not too far away) and the music track and volume control is another nice tech feature, saving you from pulling your phone out of a pocket and risking dropping it!

  • Displays steps, calories, distance and time of day
  • A subtle vibration alert tells you when you receive calls, texts and emails from your smartphone
  • Features an easy to use touch and swipe operation
  • Inactivity alert reminds you when it time to move
  • The clever auto goal keeps you challenged altering you daily goal as you move more and get fitter
  • Support of ANT+ bike speed sensor to give cycle speed / distance
  • Find my Phone feature.. CLEVER.. it shows you with arrows and bars where your phone is

Could have been better?

Hmmmm? That’s a hard question for such a great product. The only thing that really springs to mind is the battery life. It would be great to have a battery that last just a bit longer than a WEEK. Would that put me off buying one? No.

>>> Update, June 2015. With the release of the new Garmin FR225 there is NO DOUBT we will see a Garmin activity tracker with OPTICAL heart rate, that’s heart rate WITHOUT the need of a chest strap… Mio have their Fuse with activity tracking AND optional HR, as do Epson with their PS-100, so it’s not going to be long until we see a new Garmin.

Vivosmart Specification from the Garmin website

You will find a full technical specification breakdown of the Garmin Vivosmart activity bracelet here

Visit our Google Plus Photo Gallery

If you want to see more pictures of the Vivosmart as tested and photographed by us, please click the image below to visit our Photo Album on Google Plus

Garmin Vivosmart photo album

Top Alternatives

Next Model UP

The next model up is the Vivoactive Smart Watch. 

Next Model DOWN

The next model down is the very popular Garmin Vivofit 2.

The Vivofit 2 has a bright LED display. What the Vivofit 2 does not have is the incoming call, text and email alert.

There is no support for bike speed sensors, neither is there the internal sensor to give running speed and distance (based on accelerometer technology)

Vivosmart Image Gallery

  • Steps taken so far this dayVivosmart will pair with ANT+ heart rate monitorsAudio Control of your smartphoneVivosmart activity band with optional heart rateWearable tech from Garmin - the VIvosmart 24/7 activity trackerVivosmart is also a step counterGarmin Vivosmart activity tracker / step counterVivosmart Settings - Bluetooth, Time of Day, InfoVivosmart Settings - TRAIN, SLEEP, contrastVivosmart Settings - privacy, find my phone and synch dataSetting up heart rate zones in the AppGarmin Connect DashboardVivosmart showing daily calories burntDaily Step Goal in Garmin Connect AppTotal distance walked this day

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