zewa spabuddy sport review

Zewa SpaBuddy Sport Review

At a Glance: Quick Ratings

  • 30 intensity levels ranging from 0 to 100mA
  • 8 pre-programmed modes
  • Very large screen and intuitive button labels
  • 95 minutes at maximum output is more than enough for many treatments

A Deep Dive Into The Zewa SpaBuddy Sport

TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation) is becoming a highly popular home treatment for chronic pain. TENS machines are often confused for EMS machines. The main difference between them is not only how they work but also what each machine is intended for.

TENS units are designed for use as a drug-free pain management method. EMS machines are used to stimulate muscle growth as they use electric current to stimulate muscle contractions and not the nerves.

The SpaBuddy Sport caters to athletes, people suffering from chronic muscle pain, and anyone that wants to avoid using drugs to alleviate pain. The pads can be used on any part of the body, so no matter where the pain is located the device can help. One category of people that don’t benefit from the SpaBuddy is those with a pacemaker.


  • Very large display
  • 30 intensity levels
  • Battery lasts up to 95 minutes
  • Budget-friendly TENS unit


  • Average quality pads
  • No on-screen descriptions for programs
  • Standard plastic casing

Product Info

The Zewa SpaBuddy Sport is a useful TENS machine designed for treating sore muscles and alleviating chronic pain at home and without doctor supervision. It stimulates the production of endorphins.

What’s Included?

Just as any respectable TENS unit, the Zewa SpaBuddy Sport comes with everything you need to start your treatments right out of the box. The device is accompanied by a set of four pads, lead wires, three batteries, and an instruction manual that offers detailed information about the preset program.

Overview of Features

One of the highlights that make this device comparable to more expensive models is its amazing adjustability. You can exercise total control over the intensity of your treatments by playing with up to 30 intensity levels for all programs.

The SpaBuddy Sport also has a very nice output range of0 to100mA. This puts it on par with most models above its price range, enough for a wide range of treatments.

In terms of operating the device, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something easier to use. There are three buttons you’ll have to deal with, all intuitively labeled for on/off, programs, and timer. One minor downside is the lack of information on what each program does. You generally have to consult the guide as all the programs are simply labeled P1, P2, and so on.

The display is another feature we particularly liked. Although the SpaBuddy Sport doesn’t display a lot of data, the screen is still relatively big. Roughly half the size of the control unit. This means that the data spacing is very good. It also leaves plenty of room for a future update to include program descriptions if such a thing were to be in the works.

If we were to really nitpick, we should also mention the lack of backlighting. It’s not a major drawback but it may still rub some people the wrong way. The device is also not rechargeable. The good news is that the battery life is decent considering that the device relies on three AAA batteries to output up to 100mA (essentially all the current that a 1.5V battery can supply and that’s not counting circuit inefficiency and other loads).

Review Summary

Overall, the Zewa SpaBuddy Sport offers great value for the money. It’s not complicated to use but it is highly versatile and capable of dealing with almost any pain area on the body. The four electrode pads are easy to apply, and they stay on consistently.

The level of adjustability is very impressive for this budget-friendly TENS machine. Although the programs aren’t spelled out on-screen, they are detailed in the instruction manual. This means that all you have to do is apply the pads to your problem area and test the 8 pre-programmed modes until you find the right combination of pulses and current intensity.

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