5 Foods to Avoid if You Have a Fatty Liver

If you are a patient with fatty liver disease, minding what makes up the content on your plate is a must. In as much as food is the best bet you got when it comes to managing a fatty liver, it is equally important to understand that certain foods can be dangerous too.

In fact, any qualified dietician will warn you against specific foods that are irrespective of the type of fatty liver you are suffering from. To help you understand more about this, here is a list of 5 foods to avoid if you have a fatty liver.


Alcohol is atop of the list of food items you should strike out of your menu. While it has been argued that a little would not really do any harm, you should know that irrespective of the amount, it will have an impact on your liver fat accumulation in the long run.

It’s not a wonder it has been classified as a major risk factor. You should know that it does not matter the amount you consume, the idea is to eliminate it completely.


Well, fatty meat is a no-go zone if you have a fatty liver. It may seem like you are doing away with the best or probably the most sumptuous component of foods, but you have much more to gain.

The various types of meat, including pork and beef, characteristically are highly saturated in fats. Cutting back on foods that spike fats accumulation is the primary goal of a fatty liver patient, and therefore, taking meat goes against this principle.

You can always go for good substitutions like tofu, lean meats, and fish but also in moderation.

Carbonated drinks

We have all heard of the numerous risks associated with carbonated drinks. It all comes down to their high sugar content together with a concoction of artificial sweeteners.

The primary mechanism is that when you take these drinks, you increase the accumulation of liver fat due to fructose-induced lipogenesis.

Check out some truths about drinking carbonated water in this short video below:

The artificial sweeteners trigger insulin resistance courtesy of their glycation end products, gradually leading to serious liver damage.

Canned vegetables

Don’t be fooled by the packaging and the fact that they are ideal foods that could potentially improve your health. Canned veggies have salt way higher than your recommended daily intake. 

With a fatty liver, it is even more critical to keep your salt consumption within 2, 000 - 2, 400 mg/day. These foods contain higher than normal salt as a preservative, and we all know this is a major risk to your liver.


It goes without saying that eating food high in fats increases your likelihood of accumulating more fats in the liver. It is therefore right to cut down or avoid taking such food items.

Particularly, butter has 80% fat content making it a high-risk food for any fatty liver patient. The list also includes alternatives such as butter cakes and pastries. 

You will also find out that butter products are also laced with high sugar contents as well as high artificial sweeteners, which makes them even more perilous if you have a fatty liver.

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