5 Sleep Tech Devices to Try This Fall

5 Sleep Tech Devices to Try This Fall

Poor sleep is one of the main stress triggers. When you’re struggling to get some proper rest night after night, you’ll start feeling cranky and frustrated, which will likely cause problems both at home and at work. And if we add the worries that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought on, it’s highly likely that more and more people will be lacking sleep in the forthcoming period.
This is where sleep-enhancing devices come on stage (and in the bed). The following sleep gadgets and equipment will help you calm down, relax, and get deep, revitalizing sleep.

Air Purifiers


Depending on the environment you live in, the air in your room can contain different substances that hamper sleep. People living in cities usually have a higher level of dust and chemical particles in their homes. On the other hand, those of you living in rural areas witness a high concentration of pollen in spring. In both these cases, air purifiers using HEPA-filters will clean the air and make it less irritable for sleeping.
There are also ionizing air purifiers, which emit electronically charged particles into the air. They attract other large harmful particles in the air, so they become even heavier and land onto the floor, where they are eliminated by vacuuming or dusting.

Wrist Sleep Alarms


Even those who are blessed with tight sleep will have trouble when they’re exposed to external interruptions. For example, if you sleep in the same room with your partner and one of you wakes up much earlier than the other one, you have a potential sleep issue.

One way of resolving this problem is to use a wearable alarm clock. It usually comes with two basic wake-up options: vibration and sound. People who don’t sleep alone in the room can wear these wrist alarms to ensure not wake up their sleeping partners while getting up. The vibration is mild, though, so tight sleepers will likely not feel it every time.

As for the sound, it can be used as an addition to the alarm you set on your cell phone.

Noise-Preventing Earbuds


Living near loud roads or in busy neighborhoods might affect the quality of your sleep. In that case, it’s a good idea to insulate your hearing system from outdoor noise. If closing your bedroom windows is not enough, you need something different to eliminate the annoying sounds.

Listening to calming sounds on headphones during sleep can help you get a deeper, longer rest. They come in different materials but go for the ones that come with silicone caps. If you sleep through the night with uncomfortable headphones in your ears, you might feel pain the next morning.

High-Quality Memory Foam Mattress


The quality of your sleep largely depends on the mattress you’re sleeping on. Since modern mattresses are manufactured using high-tech methodologies, it’s appropriate to mention memory foam mattresses in this tech guide.

Unlike spring mattresses, the ones with memory foam completely embrace your body and “memorize” its position. In this sense, memory has nothing to do with AI or anything similar (although it might be the case soon). The foam is so flexible that it allows every individual body to find its perfect position. While ordinary sleepers may also improve their sleep using these mattresses, this is especially beneficial for specific types of sleepers. Stomach sleepers and side sleepers need a good mattress to support the body and ensure the spine rests in the neutral position.

Smart Sleep Masks


We’ve already covered people sensitive to sounds. Now is the time to cover those of us who are very sensitive to light. If your partner likes to keep the night lamp on or your room gets too much street light at night, you might want to try a smart sleep mask.

Even though they look just like ordinary, traditional sleep masks, smart masks come with various options that can help you optimize your sleep. From memorizing your sleep patterns (this time there is some AI) to emitting infrared light to put you to sleep, there’s a variety of options.

Also, some masks come as all-around solutions that include headphones as well, so you can completely check out from the outer world and sleep like never before. Again, side sleepers should look for tailor-made solutions.

The modern age has brought more noise to our windows and more visual stimuli to our homes. Still, technology is here to mitigate the negative effects that modern living has on sleeping habits. Depending on your sleep problems, try one or more options from this guide. Hopefully, it will have helped you find the winning formula to get proper sleep every single night.

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