BenQ MH740 DLP 3D Projector – 4000 Lumens = Super Bright!

benq mh740

Any projector with about 3000 lumens (what’s this?) of color brightness is considered powerful/bright, but the BenQ MH740 DLP 3D projector comes with a color brightness of 4000 lumens in full HD. Couple this with fully functional 3D capabilities and you have a winner on your hands. This device has many cool features to make it a serious 3D projector. Priced at about a thousand dollars, the price is at par other high-quality projectors. As we write the BenQ MH740 review, we find that there are certain hits and misses with this device, it scores on certain fronts but loses out on some others. Is this the device for you? Well, here’s a closer look at what it has to offer:

BenQ MH740 Specifications

Superior Power Saving: The MH740 takes the power-saving capabilities of the modern projector to a new level. The device is marketed as an Eco-friendly device and comes with an Eco-facts certification. Other than that, there exists the power saving mode, that is, the device auto-switches to blank mode if there is no video source input. Also, the projector only uses 0.5W of energy on standby mode.

Full HD 3D: This is something you would expect from a high-end projector. The difference between a full-3D and 3D-ready projector will be noticeable to users as there is a significant variance in quality between the two. There will be no “ghosting” or hazy images on a full-3D projector like this one. You can watch 3D the way it is shown in the theaters.

Unbelievably Bright: Like we’ve mentioned a few times before, this projector is very bright. In fact, for most users who purchased this device, the high brightness is the first thing they notice about this projector after turning it on. You can easily use this projector while keeping the lights on. The BenQ MH740 provides the users with 3 modes, Normal/Economic and EcoSaver, all three have similar brightness but the colors are more pronounced in the case of the normal mode.


  • Projection quality and 3D are extremely good.
  • Little to no lag when playing video games.
  • Can project images on up to a 300″ screen.


  • Only vertical keystone adjustment, no horizontal adjustment (This means that it must be installed, ideally, in the middle of the screen)
  • For 3D you will need DLP-Link 144Hz 3D glasses as normal active shutter 3D glasses will not work well with this projector. There are many universal options available on Amazon for about $40.


Overall Impression



Size and Design

No complaints about the build quality but the projector looks a bit bland.  Most BenQ devices lack oomph and this device is no different. To be fair, these things hardly matter for a device that is to be wall or ceiling mounted! The set-up and installation of this device is really just plug and play.




This is where the device scores against all its competitors. The device with its 4000 lumens color brightness is seriously bright and can function well in rooms with mid to strong ambient light. Heck, we can even recommend using this as an outdoor 3D projector! The projector also comes equipped with a zoom lens and produces images with 1080p resolution.




A majority of projector enthusiasts are looking to move on to the 4K projectors once they become more reasonably priced. Until then, the 1080p projectors are the industry standard in leading projection quality. For regular home users, this is one of the best projectors you can buy that will last you for at least a few years and still be considered an exciting piece of technology.

Final Verdict

Our BenQ MH740 review shows that this projector is a proper multifunctional device with both 2D and 3D capabilities. Given that the device can easily be used in classrooms, homes, offices or even outdoors and that it also provides full HD blu-ray support, this device is an amazing projector for the price of a reputed company. So if you have the budget, don’t look elsewhere, just go for it!

BenQ MH740

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