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Best Comcast Modem

The modem may seem quite an intimidating device on the first look, especially if you are thinking of buying and setting one up yourself. Hence, many of us simply trust our internet service providers to give us the connection we need, at the least of the hassle.

But honestly, just a little information about the types and general specifications of the modem will help you get the job done right yourself. These modems can, in fact, recover their costs in just about six months! Talk about all the rentals you can save up!

Confused about which model to get? Check out these latest modems with excellent speed and reliable connectivity.

At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Comcast Modem

No need to pay that monthly rental every month anymore. The TP-LINK DOCSIS 3.0 High-Speed Cable Modem Certified for XFINITY, Time Warner (TC-7610) is ISP certified and gives you a high-speed connectivity of 150Mbps. With up to 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels, you get the reliable performance 24/7. The modem comes at quite an attractive price and is compatible with Cox, Spectrum, Suddenlink, Wow and other ISPs.

If you have the need for speed, you must take a look at the Motorola 16x4 Cable Modem, Model MB7420, 686 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0! With a super speed of 686Mbps, downloading songs, videos and uploading your videos is super easy and super quick. The set up also comes with a Quick Start guide for complete support and guidelines for easy installation.

Be it live streaming, shopping, or downloading, the ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem would certainly never let you down. At an affordable price, the modem boasts of its high-speed performance and that makes it a great choice for sharing your photos, videos, streaming, and browsing. Very easy to install as well, the modem is stylish and does not take up much desk space.

Enjoy online gaming and web surfing to the extreme with the NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS (16x4) DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem. Compatible with various Service providers like Xfinity, Cox, and others, it can support about 200 Mbps of speed. There’s also the Ethernet port for easy connectivity with the other devices.

Last but not the least, the Linksys DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Cable Modem is one refurbished modem, but can support up to 100 Mbps of high-speed networking. The modem is best for simple browsing as well as video streaming. Also, it is certified for the DOCSIS 3.0.

Top 5 Best Comcast Modems Comparison Chart

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Best Comcast Modem Reviews

1. TP-LINK DOCSIS 3.0 High-Speed Cable Modem Certified for XFINITY, Time Warner (TC-7610)

Get the reliable internet connectivity right at home with the TP-Link TC-7610. No need to talk to the annoying internet service providers anymore. The modem can be easily installed and set up immediately for use.

Enjoy high-speed internet round the clock at 150Mbps, with 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels. Upload as many Instagram selfies as you want and download movies all day! If you have the DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1 or 2.0, no worries! The device is equally compatible with all!

Just make sure to reset the ID and password, to keep your connection safe from unauthorized use.

In case the device ever malfunctions, you have a complete 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and friendly technical support staff to help you and take away all your worries. The device is quite futuristic, and completely supports the IPv4 as well as IPv6.


  • Affordable
  • Works with all major internet service providers including Comcast, Cox, Wow, and Brighthouse
  • Compatible with DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0
  • Very easy to set up


  • Matches internet plans up to 150Mbps only
  • The indicator lights are very small

2. Motorola 16x4 Cable Modem, Model MB7420, 686 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0

Feel the thrill with the Motorola MB7420. A high-speed and reliable modem that is about sixteen times faster than the DOCSIS 2.0.

The quick start guide included in the package makes setting up a breeze. Still worried about not getting it right? Motorola has the professional specialists at the back end for the complete support. If you want to install it at the office or simply have a house-full of devices that need round the clock internet support, there’s the Ethernet port!

Simply connect it to your computer, router or other supportive devices and enjoy internet connectivity all day long. The compact device, barely takes up any space on your desk or counter, wherever you wish to place it. This also makes it less-prone to overheating and gives it a longer life as compared to the other modem devices.

A premium, quality built modem that gives you a high-performance, thanks to the digital tuner. That also gives it an edge over the other competitors. The stylish exterior goes well with your décor. Plus, you can also choose from the black or white color options. If it couldn’t get any better, you also get a two-year manufacturer’s warranty with the device.


  • Compatible with Cox, Time Warner, Comcast, Bright House
  • Beautifully designed and compact
  • LED indicator lights
  • Very high-speed device


  • No built-in wireless router
  • Not an inexpensive model

3. ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

One affordable choice, that gives you a great performance and the speed you need for streaming, downloading, uploading and networking. Compatible with Cox, Comcast Xfinity, Charter and many other ISPs, it also supports the IPv6.

Take a leap ahead and enjoy surfing straight away just moments after easy installation of the modem. The Surfboard is a simple plug and play modem you can install it within seconds yourself! The indicator lights tell you all you need to know about your internet connection and the device.

With the DOCSIS 3.0, it gives you a downloading speed of 343 Mbps and an uploading speed of 131 Mbps. The modem is compatible with almost all of the top ranked internet service providers all over the U.S.A.

With a two-year warranty and a 30-day refund policy, it is quite a safe bargain. In case of any issues with the device, you can always call up the technical support. All-in-all, an excellent choice for high-speed browsing and network connectivity.


  • Scratch resistant
  • Made from the high-grade plastic that makes the device durable and protected
  • Vents on the three sides to keep the device cool
  • Colored indicator lights


  • Some of the users found the device to heat up if left powered on all day
  • No power button
  • The lights are annoyingly too bright

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4. NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS (16x4) DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

Enjoy up to 8 times stronger speed and performance from the DOCSIS 2.0. The Netgear CM500 is the best for online gaming, browsing, downloading. Get up to 686 Mbps high speed with Comcast Xfinity, Cox, and various other Service providers.

If you have a limited budget, then this is the best device you can get. The indicator lights are quite dim, and hence do not cause a visual disturbance during the day or even at night.

Setting it up? Super easy, and fast! The reliable performance and fast connection make it a great choice for the home. In case of any problem with the installation, just go through the Quick Install Guide. The NetGear CM500 has a sleek and vertical profile that makes it look great and also, makes it a great choice for taking up the minimal desk space.


  • High speed up to 680 Mbps
  • Comes with the DOCSIS 3.0 technology
  • Compatible with various service providers
  • Comes with an attractive price tag


  • Only a year-long warranty
  • The indicator lights are not bright enough to be seen easily during the daytime
  • Lacks sound after-sales support

5. Linksys DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Cable Modem

The Linksys DOCSIS 3.0 is refurbished but gives you the quality service at the best price. It comes with a 90-day warranty and support, to keep you covered in case anything goes wrong.

The latest, futuristic device with Wi-Fi connectivity, it can match about all service providers that provide a speed of up to 100 Mbps. Enjoy uninterrupted, reliable and fast speed with 8 channels for downloading and 4 for uploading your videos, photos, and other important documents.

Plus, the device comes with the Intel Puma 5 chipset that further enables it to work at the top performance to give you high-speed uploading and downloading. There’s also the Ethernet port for easy connectivity with the other devices.

The modem comes with the certification of all major service providers such as Charter, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, etc. Installation is simple and just plug-and-play.


  • Intel Puma 5 chipset inside for high downloading and uploading speed
  • Comes with the Ethernet port
  • Very easy to install
  • Certified by all major service providers


  • Covered under a 90-day warranty only
  • Telephone and voice port not included

Buyer's Guide

While the small device may seem a rather complicated, just don’t fret! A simple knowledge and understanding of a few of the constituents and the specs can help you look for the right modem. Here we have listed some of the essential specifications you need to be aware of to make the best choice:


Perhaps the very first thing you need to consider is the compatibility. Even the world’s best modem is no good if it is not compatible with your ISP. So, before bringing that modem home, take a look at the approved lists of the ISP modems. You can easily view the lists at either of these websites:

  • Wow way
  • Spectrum
  • Cox
  • Xfinity


For the best performance, the DOCSIS 3.0 is the best choice. This usually gives you a downloading speed of 340 Mbps and an uploading speed of 130 Mbps. You will often find the premium modems will give you a much higher performance and faster speed.

When looking for the best modem, you must consider the speed of your current service provider and try to go for a higher speed than the current Mbps you are getting.

But, don’t fall for the models that boast high speed only. Make sure whatever you get is compatible with your internet service plan. If you are considering a modem with a higher speed than your service plan, you will still get the same speed as you have agreed to with your service provider.

Safety Measures

One of the most common causes of malfunctioning of modems is overheating. These small devices tend to heat up, fast. Some of the modems may even cross over 100 degrees Fahrenheit when in use! Just make sure to thoroughly read the reviews and go through the details of the modem before making your final selection.

Here are also some other tips to keep your device from overheating:

  • How to Keep your Device Safe from Overheating?
  • Make sure to keep the device in a ventilated area.You can also buy a separate cooling mat for placing your modem.
  • Avoid falling for the cheaper brands and models. They have a higher chance of getting overheated.
  • Don’t keep anything on top of the modem.
  • You can also disable the services you do not need from the modem. This way it will generate less heat.
  • Take special care during the extremely hot weather, and make sure to give your modem a break at least once in 24 hours.
  • Do not keep the modem in an area directly exposed to the sun.
  • Do not keep the router on leather or other heat receptive materials.
  • Do not keep it switched on through the night. Power off when not being used, especially if you are leaving your house.

The Warranty

Usually, you will get a one-year or two-year warranty with these modems. Although it is not common for the modems to malfunction or stop working, the warranty keeps you safe if any of these issues arise later.

The best companies give you a replacement or refund ASAP and hence, your money is always safe.

The Number of Channels

Next, check for the number of channels the modem is most probably going to be able to access. You will need these channels for uploading as well as downloading. Now how to check for these channels? Simple, just take a minute to read up the box or general specifications. You will find the number written something like 00×0.

The key is, the more the number of channels, the greater the speed. However, there’s a catch; you need to make sure that the number of channels supported by the modem and the number provided by your ISP match!

Which Modem to Buy?

The question remains, which Comcast modem should you get?

Speed: Well, the minimum you can ask for is that it should at least have a greater speed than the connection you have at present.

Price: Make sure that whatever you are buying is within your budget. You will find lots of cheaper models that promise the same high performance and speed, however, fail to deliver. So it is recommended to go for the strong brands and the models that come with a good rating.

Capability: It is always the best to go for a modem that is most capable and can keep up with the latest upgrades and speed.

Final Verdict

If you compare the costs of paying rentals every month for the internet service, versus buying a modem yourself, the never ending costs of the rental for the internet service over-weigh the one-time expense of buying the modem.

The latest and newest models are really simple to set up; so, why depend on your service provider? Get your own modem and make the best use of the high-speed browsing and much more, without any worry. No need to pay those upsetting bills and rentals every month; get your modem today and start saving!

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