Top 8 Best Projector Mounts for Ceiling and Wall

Projector mounts serve as a crucial accessory for a projector as it assists the device to get maximum flexibility so that it can offer the finest view to the user. In addition to a proper view, it also provides a lot of adjustments, excellent build quality, and effortless installation. But not all the models would give you a seamless viewing experience. So do you know which models would?

Well, if you don’t, then you have come to the right place as we have created a list of the best projector mounts which will surely meet all your needs. We have tried to cover different types of models from various brands and that too without hammering you with a hefty price tag.

Top 8 Projector Mounts for Ceiling and Wall:

Best 8 Drop Ceiling and Wall Projector Mounts Review

1. VIVO Universal White – Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount Review

With the impeccable build quality and numerous positive rating, VIVO universal projector serve as a steal deal for users at an affordable range. This meticulously designed mount comes in glossy white color so it would perfectly blend with any decor. Most importantly with low-profile mounting, it serves as one of the best extendable mounts which indicates that your projector can comfortably hang six inches away for top-end projection.

It is perfect for bulky projectors, and its premium steel body material with solid hinges serves and 30lbs maximum capacity as the proof. Geared with standard mountain holes, it is compatible with almost every projector in the market, and it offers you all the hardware tools that you might need while mounting. Unlike others, it pampers you with varied adjustment options, and it includes 360-degree rotation, 15-degree swivel, and 15-degree tilt thus allowing you to get the perfect viewing angle. Driveaway the thought of lengthy installation time as it takes a few minutes to complete assembly.

2. Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount

Amer universal projector mount can be defined as a uniquely designed mount that with a 2′ X 2′ reinforced steel plate makes it easiest to install. Moreover, it gets five mounting points and two outlet cutouts so that you can comfortably mount any hardware or electrical component. The universal mounting bracket along with drop extension and holes for cables makes it adaptable to any type of projector. Based on the cast aluminum mounting head along with steel plate, it can comfortably hold the weight of any suspended projector up to 30lbs.

In addition to sturdy build quality, it is widely known for its lightweight structure and heat dissipation feature. Despite having a fixed steel plate, it offers you flexibility in alignment that includes 360-degree rotation and 180-degree pitch & yaw. You won’t sweat out during assembly as you will find all the hardware tools inside the package. You can utilize optional extension tubes with cable management if you require more height. These all make it one of the best drop-in ceiling mounts.

3. Peerless-AV PRGS-UNV Precision Projector Mount

When you talk about one of the best wall mounts with large capacity, one model that comes as the unanimous choice is the Peerless PRGS-UNV projector mount. It comes with the universal spider adapter which not only boasts an incredible build quality but allows it to hold heavy projectors up to 50lbs. Molded with high-grade material and black body coating you can expect it to last for many years and also hold the aesthetic of your ceiling.

Get the perfect image alignment without much effort as it bags the patent-pending precision gear with two adjustable knobs that are known for high accuracy placement. Don’t like suspended wires from the ceiling?

Well, this equipment comes with integrated cable management that allows you to hide all the cables in plain sight. The flush-mounting installation process is swift and quite easy because it is designed with a pre-assembled structure and horizontal wrench access slot. What makes it more interesting? It’s a five-year warranty and availability of all installation hardware in the package.

4. QualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount

Want a durable projector for your wood beam ceiling? Then look out for QualGear PRB-717-WHT which is perfect for small projectors as well as medium ones. It gets the standard off-white and black color that allows it to suit itself with any ceiling or wall color comfortably. Thanks to its heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel material that not only showcases top-notch build quality but also weight capacity of 30lbs. With a universal design and mounting hole range of 6.6-16inch, you can fit almost every projector spanning from small to medium size.

However, its low-profile flush mounts take all the limelight because it allows the projector to dangle in a sturdy frame that is six inches away from the ceiling. It bags a plethora of adjustment options like 0 to 60-degree tilt, 1-degree shift, +/- 20-degree roll, 360-degree swivel, and +/- 30-degree pitch thus providing you full adjustment freedom. Enjoy quick installation with its snap-on/snap-off design and free hardware components.

5. VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount

Another highly rated projector mount from the house of VIVO is a universal extended ceiling projector mount that is best for tall ceilings. Built with high-grade steel, its solid construction not only ensures you extended longevity but also a load capacity up to 30lbs. It is molded with a universal mounting bracket so you can expect it to attach the majority of projectors in the market. Unsurprisingly, it also provides you a broad mounting hole spacing range that lies between 2inch and 12.5inch diagonally.

You can consider it as one of the best mounts for small spaces because it packs a telescoping height adjustment system that can extend the projector from 15inch to 23inch. In addition to arm adjustment, it also treats you some additional adjustment facilities like 360-degree rotation, 15-degree tilt, and 15-degree swivel thus paving the path for accurate view. The assembling process has been made easy with its quick-release hook and free mounting hardware items. You won’t have to worry about unpleasant addition in your decor because it offers both white and black color options.

6. QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W Projector Mount

I have an Epson 5040UB projector. This is a suitable mount for Epson 5040UB as I am using it. Check out QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W that has all the facilities that you will need from the amount. It is a multi-surface mount that supports flat, cathedral, sloped, vaulted, and drop ceilings so you won’t have to worry about ceiling compatibility. Moreover, you can even install the mount to a truss beam. It will baffle you with its premium quality steel material that offers unimpeachable durability thus allowing it to hold up to a mammoth weight of 70lbs.

Like every other mount, it is also available in black and white options so you will option which will be suitable for your room’s aesthetics. Geared with a 1.5inch NPT thread system, it further intensifies the room’s aesthetics by offering a clean cable management system. Loaded with +/- 20-degree pitch, +/- 8-degree roll, 36-degree rotation, 90-degree tilt, and 10inch height adjustment, you can stay assured you won’t ever get a poor viewing angle on the projector screens. Most importantly it gets 5-years limited warranty that will all the repairing costs.

7. Cheetah APMEB Universal Projector Mount – Best in Design

A widely popular projector mount is a reasonable tag to associate Cheetah APMEB universal projector mount that has numerous positive reviews under its belt. The 100% top-end quality steel construction assists the mount to not only accommodate the varied type of projectors but also hold a large weight capacity. Most importantly it gets four sturdy fully adjustable arms which aid to the fitting of any projector thus making it perfect for small projectors. However, this amount can only be padded with a vaulted ceiling plate so it might be an issue for some users.

Besides the standard setup, it is also suitable for low profile mounting and all the credit goes to its 7inch low profile extension arm. However, you will also find adjustable extension poles that can range from 18.75inch and all the way up to 27inch. Not sure whether the screws can hold the projector? Well, it also offers a safety cable that will attach the device with the mount for extra security. With this mount, you can opt for neat cable management because you will find well-calculated gaps where you can attach the cables.

8. Elitech Universal Wall Mount – Best Projector Mount for Short Throw Projectors

The Elitech universal projector mount is an uncanny-looking device that is designed for the user who wants to install their projector mount on the wall rather than a ceiling. This amount is also built especially for short-throw projectors (check out our top 10 best short throw projectors review here), and it can extend its telescopic arm from 40.8inch to 56.5inch with ease. Based on solid steel construction, it holds the capacity to accommodate projectors up to 25lbs. Its solid arm gets all the standard hole arrangements so you can attach most of the projectors on the market.

Sadly, it is only available in a single color option, so if you are particular about your space’s decor, then you should check it first correctly. It is quite dynamic when it comes to adjustments as you are going to find 360-degree swivel and 30-degree tilt. The installation process is totally eased, and you can complete the whole process within a few minutes. It comes with one-year warranty coverage which is a relief to all the users.

Bottom Line

All the products that we have mentioned in the list have been included after a lot of scrutinies and physical tests so you can stay assured that you won’t be duped. We have tried to cover different types of potent projector mounts so that our list can benefit different users with different requirements. Most of the users always look for mounts with a lot of adjustments and durability, so that is why we have prioritized the build quality as well as functionality over others.

Mounting brackets like VIVO universal adjustable projector mount serves as one of the highest models that have hardly disappointed anyone in the market. We, at The Best In Tech, have even tried to cover a wide price range so that people with different can choose their ideal mount. Lastly, check out the whole structure, weight, and size of your projector so that you won’t face any compatibility issue.

Step by Step Projector Mounts Buying Guide

Do you want to mount a projector in your office, house, conference room, or class but have no clue where to begin? There are many things to be considered before purchasing or installing amount. In this Projector Mounts Buying Guide, I will give you all the tips needed in order to guide you in buying the best projector mounts from the many that have flooded the market.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Projector Mount

Step-1: Type of Mount: While coming up with a decision about the type of mount to buy, consider how much space you have for your projector and where your audience will be seated. If you do not want to take up the wall space, you can securely mount your projector to the ceiling. Ceiling mounts make viewing easy from any angle. On the other hand, a wall mount keeps your projector safely out of the way. Be sure to anchor your wall mount to the wall studs to ensure your projector stays safe. Lastly, a desk/kiosk mount affixes your projector to your work surface. Kiosk mounts are ideal for conference rooms or offices with limited space.

Step-2: Motion Options: When determining the type of mount to buy, think about what you want your projector to be able to do. Will it be viewed from one position only or does it need to swing out? Do you want it to hang flat or to tilt? The fixed/flat mount will keep your projector snug against the wall, eliminating the worry of anyone accidentally bumping into it. It also helps to hide the wires for a neat look. On the other hand, the swing-out arm mount lets you determine the ideal viewing position in large halls. In addition, it allows you to rotate the projector side by side. Lastly, the tilt/flat-mount keeps the screen close to the wall but allows you to tilt it in varying degrees. This is convenient for accommodating audiences where seating may change constantly. It also helps in reducing glare in bright rooms.

Step-3: Mounting Surface: What type of surface are you going to mount on? You need to figure out the material the anchor is made out of in order to choose the type of mount. Ensure that the mounting surface is made out of a strong material that will safely handle the load. Furthermore, ensure that the mount you select works well with your anchor.

Step-4: Spacing and Clearance: Carefully inspect the clearance below, above, and on each side of your device to ensure that the projector fits into space when placed on the mount.

Step-5: Hardware: The mounting hardware is usually purchased separately from the mount. The hardware could be as complex as sleeve anchors or toggle bolts or as simple as wood screws. Consider your owner’s manual for proper guidelines on the choice of hardware for different types of mounts.

Step-6: Power and Cord Positioning: Figure out how the AV cables and the power cords will be directed and positioned. Will they be running inside the wall, down the wall, or through the ceiling? In addition, ensure you use a surge protector for safety when connecting power cables.

STep-7: Qualified Mounts: Be sure to buy mounts that have been tested and qualified. Use UL-listed, ISO 9001 certified or VESA compliant mounts to ensure reliability and durability.

Final Purport

A mount can make or break your viewing experience. A successful installation is easy to view, safe, and appealing to the eye. Following all the tips contained in this step-by-step Projector Mounts Buying Guide will not only help you to buy the best projector mount but will also ensure you install it successfully. You can check out amazon below for a curated list of popular projector mounts.

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