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Best Short Throw Projector – Reviews and Buying Guide

We have listed the top 10 short throw projectors here with their features, customer reviews, feature details, etc. They are all worth the penny you pay.

Top Short Throw Projectors:

Top 10 Short Throw Projectors Reviews

1. Optoma GT1080Darbee Review – Best DLP Short Throw Projector for Gaming

What We Liked Most About This Product

Our lab experts have recommended Optoma GT1080 Darbee as our top pick as it not only provides the best short throw ratio in the lot but also for its other exceptional feature comprising Full HD resolution, Rec709, Full 3D, and Darbee image enhancement that imposed us to make it the top pick of the list. It can be the best projector for the gamer. I am using that projector too. So, I know how good this projector is for gaming. 🙂

Features and Benefits

Quite frankly, the impressive list of features of Optoma GT1080 would make anyone crave them. Starting with the visual section, this DLP-backed projector comes loaded with Full HD native resolution, 28,000 contrast ratio, and a real 3D display feature.

The image output is lifelike, and it is mainly due to the sRGB display along with Rec709b color accuracy. You won’t find any dull visual instead you will be impressed by the production of its vivid image with the help of 3000 lumens. What more dazzled us, is its exclusive DarbeeVision image enhancement process which notches up the quality to a whole new level without over saturating a bit.

To make you happier, it offers a jaw-dropping 0.49:1 throw ratio allowing it to project a 100-inch image from just 4 feet away. It even provides a decent lamp life that stays around 8000 hours with casual use.

Not to forget, if you are a gamer then a 16ms response time will make you long for a mesmerizing gaming session. Lastly, this projector carries all the necessary ports so that you can connect external devices for projection.

GT1080 is not only a prolific projector for gaming but also for home entertainment as it fulfills most of the criteria for home entertainment.

Things We Like

  • Full HD resolution
  • 3D with 1080p support
  • Low lag time
  • Extensive contrast ratio
  • Prolific color production.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Rainbow artifact
  • Posterization in brightest mode.

2. Optoma ML750ST Ultra-Compact Short Throw LED Projector Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

ML750ST from Optoma is one of the most modern short-throw projectors that can make anyone fall for it. We were quite dazzled with its LED projection and wireless connectivity option. Digital Signage and 17ms response time also deserve to mention as we were flabbergasted by its addition to the feature list.

Features and Benefits

Optoma ML750ST is a highly potent projector that uses DLP technology to project a 50-inch frame from 32 inches away and that too without any pixel blur. Optoma has appropriately taken care of its screen size range which ranges up 200 inches with a minimum 1.4 feet short throw distance.

It depicts a crystal clear visual by utilizing 1280X800 native resolution, 20000:1 contrast ratio, and 16:10 aspect ratio. The beauty of every frame is notched up by 700ANSI lumens and Rec709 color accuracy. Not to forget, even if it is not an ideal gaming projector, but still, it holds prowess to indulge in mesmerizing gaming sessions with the 17ms response time.

ML750ST’s stupendous 200000 LED lamp hour left us in awe, and it ensures that you get a vivid visual every time you turn it on. It even comes with Digital Signage but what more amused us it’s featherweights which boils down to less than one pound making it easily portable to anywhere. Due to its enthralling portability feature, you can utilize its MHL cable to play your mobile games on the giant screen.

However, along with mobile, you can even hook other devices by using its HDMI and HDCast Pro wireless connectivity. This is not an ordinary LCD projector rather a powerful LED projector that gives you a jaw-dropping gaming session with its 17ms response time.

Things We Like
  • Commendable frame superiority
  • Decent response time
  • Seamless wireless connectivity
  • Easy to carry
Things We Didn't Like
  • Slightly expensive
  • Minute scaling issue

3. Optoma GT750ST Short Throw Gaming Projector Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

If the question what we liked about Optoma GT750ST, then we can honestly say that we loved almost all the attributes of this best budget short throw projector. The DLP technology, 700 ANSI lumens, 20000:1, palm-sized structure, and 3D ready feature served as the primary reason behind our decision in adding this device.

Features and Benefits

Optoma GT750ST has created a milestone in the short-throw category as it holds the capability to project a 50-inch image from just 32 inches away with a 0.8:1 throw ratio. The stunning 1280X800 resolution with DLP projection baffled us with its image quality.

It packs a 20000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p support, 3D ready, and 700 ANSI lumens making it one of the best backyard projector. This device doesn’t compromise on image quality and to back this claim; it comes with Rec 709 and auto keystone correction. It utilizes an LED light source which allows the source to live more than 20,000 hours of usage.

GT750ST is one of the best models in the portability sector because it weighs less than 1 pound and it comfortably fits in your pocket. To relieve you from any installation hassle, it offers Digital signage which allows you to mount the projector in any orientation.

However HDCast Pro and digital playback feature served as the showstopper feature to us. Apart from these modern connectivities, it also comes padded with MHL, HDMI, and USB as a standard port which can be utilized to connect a DVD player or gaming console. Lastly, it can be even used for console or PC gaming because it offers 17ms latency.

Things We Like

  • High color accuracy
  • It is quite easy to carry
  • Commendable visual performance
  • Impressive short throw distance
Things We Didn't Like
  • Low lumens number
  • The overall design is slightly abrupt

4. ASUS S1 Short-Throw LED Pocket Projector Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

Asus S1 is an intriguing short-throw DLP projector that has charmed us with its lucrative portability factor and short-throw ratio. Another projector that thrilled us was its 6000mAh rechargeable battery. It is an excellent device that can be even coined as the best golf simulator short throw projector.

Features and Benefits

Asus S1 is an exclusive palm-sized portable projector that weighs around 0.75 pounds making it easier for you to take it anywhere you want. It won’t give you room to complain about portability because it also comes with a 6000 mAh rechargeable battery which can provide power backup for 3 hours.

The display capability of this projector is quite impressive even though it has a 480p native resolution and 1000:1 contrast ratio. The DLP projection helps the device to deliver a stunning visual performance that you would expect from this projector. Although you shouldn’t expect something spectacular it gets the best out of WVGA resolution. This is the right short throw projector for office presentation and college students.

The visual quality produced by Asus S1 is quite bright and vibrant as it is backed by 200 ANSI lumens. Even though it fits in your palm, but it holds the credibility to project screen size up to 100 inches with best in class 1:1 throw ratio. We were really impressed by the connectivity option as it includes HDMI, MHL, USB, and audio.

However, for Apple and Samsung smartphones you need to have separate MHL cables. In the sound department, it didn’t excel much, but still, the Asus Sonic Master speaker offers crystal clear clarity.

Asus S1 will be an ideal addition if you are searching for an extremely portable projector that will deliver excellent performance.

Things We Like

  • Excellent short-throw ratio
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Lamp life for more than 30,000+ hours.
  • Act as a power bank
  • MHL connectivity.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The brightness is slightly low.
  • Doesn’t display small text well

5. Optoma X305ST XGA DLP Short Throw Projector Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

Optoma well-known brand in the projector and it has always impressed with its excellent devices which include X350ST. We were quite fascinated by all its features, but still, its whopping screen size range, full 3D compatibility, and BrilliantColor technology stand out in the lot. However what overwhelmed us to make the final decision? It’s an approach to making an eco-friendly product.

Features and Benefits

Optoma X350ST is not an ordinary projector instead it is an intriguing device with a 0.626:1 throw ratio and screen range between 40 and 300 inches. Given its XGA native resolution, it produces a crystal image output, and all the credit goes to DLP projection with 3000 Lumens.

Not to forget, it also comes with BrilliantColor technology six color wheel, and an 18000:1 contrast ratio whose combination has impressed many users. Even though it has a low native resolution, but it won’t cease to amaze you with an extensive array of 3D compatibility. You can run almost all kinds of 3D sources which include a 3D modeling system, PlayStation, Xbox, a 3D broadcast system, etc.

People generally get afraid of low lamp hours that with X350ST, this fear stays at bay as it offers a terrific 10000-hour lamp life. Its attempt towards the eco-friendly product is commendable as Optoma has molded it with Eco+ mode, Eco AV mute, Auto power off, lead-free boards, one-watt power consumption system, etc.

Moreover, it has been approved by RoHS which implies it is free from any hazardous materials. With this device, there won’t be any issue regarding connectivity as it comes to HDMI, USB, VGA in and out, RS232C and Audio.

Optoma X350ST is a potent device that is more intended for business purposes rather than home entertainment. However, you can even utilize a church projector during occasions.

Things We Like
  • Full 3D compatibility
  • Exceptional screen size range
  • True color reproduction
  • Eco-friendly approach
Things We Didn't Like
  • Rainbow effect
  • Slightly heavy

6. ASUS P3B Ultra-short-throw LED Projector Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

You might think that Asus P3B made its way in this list because it possesses the most efficient 1:1 short-throw ratio. But there are some worthy attributes that lured us to add this device which comprises its whopping long lamp life, powerful battery, and portability form

Features and Benefits

Asus is quite famous for delivering high-performance projectors in the market and P3B is no different. It holds the capability to enthrall you with a sharp visual output which is backed by WXGA native resolution, 16.7M display color, and 800 lumens of brightness. Even though it utilizes NTSC but the color production wasn’t optimum.

However, we were impressed by its 100000:1 contrast ratio along with different aspect ratios which gives an edge to the depth of the visuals. You get the option to project your content from 25 to 200 inches screen with just 1:1 short-throw ratio.

Isn’t it amazing? Tad Yes!

Asus P3B even allows you to project 3D content but don’t expect something spectacular as it doesn’t come with full compatibility. However, it completely swiped us with a colossal 30000 lamp life hour which is a rarity inexpensive as well as a cheap projector. (Check cheap projector’s list here)

To make things more interesting, it even packs a 12000mAh battery which lasts a reasonable amount of time. P3B takes pride in its super portability factor as it is .75 pounds in weight and comfortably fits in your palm. With this little master, you can get all standard connectivity options which include MHL. In the sound department, it somewhat loses its dexterity because it only comes with a 2-watt Sonic Master speaker.

If you want to go beyond the best short throw cheap projector in the market, then P3B can be a worthwhile investment.

Things We Like
  • Superior portability form factor
  • Rich contrast
  • Large screen size range
  • Auto keystone correction
Things We Didn't Like
  • Color reproduction could have been better
  • Doesn’t project high-quality content

7. Optoma W303ST DLP Short Throw Projector Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

Optoma W303ST is an excellent projector that is designed to provide entertainment in small rooms. If you ask what we liked in this projector? We would say most of the attributes especially its approach towards environmentally friendly design. Apart from this, an impressively short-throw ratio, full 3D compatibility, and Eco+ dynamic feature left us in awe.

Features and Benefits

Optoma W303ST holds some remarkable feature lists which makes it a smart buy product on the market. Its DLP projection system along with BrilliantColor technology which provides six color processors dazzled us with its crisp and razor-sharp image quality. Not to forget, the native WXGA resolution and 3000 Lumens also serve as the primary pillar behind its commendable performance.

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This device also carries a DarkChip3 which gives rise to 180000:1 contrast ratio which ultimately brings depth to the visuals. To make your home entertainment more interesting, it provides a projection of true 3D content with the support 144hz refresh rate.

While using W303ST, you won’t have to worry about longevity because its lamp life is rated more than 6000 hours in Eco+ mode and one-year lamp warranty. However, you also get a two-year warranty on other parts. Optoma has taken care of the user-friendly factor, and that is why they have supplied all standard ports as well as IR remote mouse control. Another highlight feature that amazed us is its 0.5-watt power consumption along with the automatic shut down feature.

W303ST will be a smart addition if you are looking for something spectacular flying under the budget radar.

Things We Like

  • Excellent short-throw figure
  • Image brightness doesn’t get affected by ambient light
  • Easy to mount
  • Full 3D compatibility
  • The absence of artifacts
Things We Didn't Like
  • The absence of zoom
  • Manual keystone correction.

8. BenQ MW632ST DLP Projector Review

What We Liked Most About This Product

The brand BenQ always bring intriguing feature for its customers and then compile the projector in such a way that people drool for them. MW632ST is one such product that carries some lucrative attributes, but its 3200 ANSI Lumens, 0.9:1 throw ratio and rich connectivity option deserve particular attention.

Features and Benefits

Like other DLP projectors from BenQ, MW62ST comes with a lot of prowess and holds the capability to surpass the best 1080p ultra-short-throw projector. Starting with its 0.9 short throw projection system that curbs down all eye-bending light and other disruptions to provide you a mesmerizing frame.

With that being, its beautification process is backed by 1280X800 resolution, Colorific technology, and a 13000:1 contrast ratio. Not to forget, it’s powerful 3200 Lumens of white and color brightness which produces bright images in classroom and business meetings.

Most importantly MW632ST is quite easy to set up and all thanks to vertical keystone correction which made things a tad easy. To excite things, BenQ has padded it with DLPR technology so that you can enjoy all Full HD 3D content including 3D Blu-Ray movies. MW632ST is known for its vast life which is possible due to its 10000 hours.

The 10-watt built-in speaker provides a decent sound output suitable for classes and meeting rooms. The plug ‘N’ play facility with the assistance of an MHL cable allows you to view your content a large screen without any distorted pixels. Apart from this you even get two HDMI, VGA, audio, and other standard ports.

MW632ST will be a far better option if you are looking for a projector under $500 because it provides all the necessary features found in high-end models.

Things We Like

  • It is easy to carry
  • Bright images
  • Fluidic picture quality
  • Clear text
Things We Didn't Like
  • Rainbow artifacts in video
  • The absence of full HD support

9. iRULU BL20 Mini Video Projector – Best short throw projector for home theater

iRULU BL20 Mini Video Projector LED Projector

This product is not available now on Amazon.

What We Liked Most About This Product

What we liked about iRulu BL20 mini is its large screen size range with the capability of producing 16:9 aspect ratio image with 16.7 color production. This is a powerful short-throw projector for your home. The massive dual built-in speaker and a broad array of connectivity come as another reason behind our inclination toward this LED projector.

Features and Benefits

iRulu BL20 is a compact mini video projector that utilizes a LED projection system that holds prowess to project enormous image sizes ranging starting from 30 inches and notching up to 200inches. It allows you to protect your content from 1.2 to 6 meters without any fading issue on the screen. To help you to find the soothing viewing angle, it offers you a +/- 15-degree manual vertical keystone correction with the option of changing between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio. You won’t have to worry about any issue because iRulu provides a one-year warranty with all kinds of technology as well as customer support.

BL20 cinema projector will mesmerize you with its visual quality, and this is because it is powered by 800 X 480 native resolution with 16.7K color production and 1080p support. With this projector, you won’t have to worry about longevity because its LED lamp is rated more than 20,000+ hours.

The 3-watt dual built-in speaker produces a fluid sound quality that would suffice enough to engulf you in the movie session. It may not be the best gaming short throw projector, but it provides all sorts of connectivity to ensure you an engaging gaming session. The connectivity option includes HDMI, MHL, USB, TV, YPBPR, AV, and many other essential ports.

iRulu BL20 is an excellent product for home entertainment and to be honest; it is one of those products that has grabbed has the liking of a considerable number of customers.

Things We Like
  • Marvelous image quality with 1080p support.
  • Ample screen size range
  • Support varied type of screen size
  • It doesn’t heat up badly after a long hour of usage
Things We Didn't Like
  • The fan noise is slightly loud.
  • Limited visual tuning option

10. Ohderii Projector – Ideal for Outdoor Indoor Movie Night

Ohderii Projector

What We Liked Most About This Product

Ohderii might not seem like a favorite brand but don’t get deceived by its brand name. It is a highly efficient projector that made an impact on our decision with its 3200 lumens brightness, 720p native resolution, and extensive screen size range. Even though it comes with a low price tag but it will cradle your desire with decent performance. This is an ideal short-throw projector for watching movies on your lawn.

Features and Benefits

Ohderii is a potent short-throw projector that carries all the necessary attributes to soothe your eye with a decent picture, and that includes LED projection coupled with 720p native resolution. It even supports 1080p video content so that you can enjoy your movie without any issue. 3200 lumens of brightness, 10000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and 1.07 billion color support prove that it is destined to offer mesmerizing home entertainment.

To allow you to use it in both indoor and outdoor and it provides  35 inches to 280 inches screen size range with a 1.45:1 short-throw ratio. An exciting face of this projector is that it even assist you in calibration through vertical manual keystone correction.

Not to forget, Ohderii is equipped with a powerful LED lamp that lasts up to 20000 hours thus relieving any kind of headache of lamp replacement. If you don’t have an extra speaker, then you won’t have to worry because it comes with 5-watt built-in SRS speakers.

We were quite impressed with the vast variety of ports which includes all the modern standard connectivity including MHL. This projector only weighs 4.5 pounds so you can easily mount them anywhere you want and carry them wherever you need them.

Ohderii possesses the capability to catch your eye with its performance without setting you back with an expensive price tag.

Things We Like

  • HD resolution with Full HD support.
  • Extensive lamp hour.
  • Bright visuals
  • Easy to install and carry
  • Decent static contrast ratio
  • Colossal image size range
Things We Didn't Like
  • The speaker quality could have been better.
  • It doesn’t support all modern video format
Now before getting into the end, it is crucial that you should acknowledge yourself with some basic facts of the short-throw projector. It is important to learn because it will assist in better understanding about the projector which will ultimately help you to get the best one from the lot.

So, let’s start from:

What Is Short Throw Projector?

short throw projections
Source: ViewSonic

Short throw projector is a new kind of projection technology that allows the projector to remain in proximity to the screen and project a 100-inch frame without any pixel deformation. Short throw projector utilizes modern lenses that hold the capability to throw 100 inches from a short distance which often resorts to 4 feet. The short-throw is useful for people who don’t have ample space to spare for installing a standard projector. Likewise, it would be harder to face the shadows issue that is prominent with conventional throw projectors. However the price of this kind of projector is slightly more than the regular one, but still, it comes to an affordable price tag.

What makes a short-throw projector more interesting, is its ability to project from a short distance but still, the image doesn’t lose the crispness or the brightness. Most people think that the throw ratio describes the length compared to the screen width. However, there is no particular standard for finding the short-throw ratio, and different manufacturer utilizes different techniques for measurement. Generally, 0.38:1 throw ratio is considered short in the market, and this short-throw ratio range often goes up to 1.4:1. Some people often believe that manufacturers pad this innovative feature only in a high range model, but they will be startled to know that it is even found in projector costing under $200.

Short throw projectors are quite easy to set up, and they are flexible in placement as you can mount them on the ceiling, desk or on the rear side of the screen. They are commonly used in business and education institutions, but nowadays, a lot of general consumers are opting for them for home entertainment purposes. They are popularly used in exhibition show booths where representative gets a minute amount of space for setting up the display.

Now, you might wonder how you can choose the ideal model? If Yes, you won’t have to worry because we have listed all the factors that you need to consider while selecting a top-quality short throw projector:

Things To Consider When Choosing A Short Throw Projector

All the crucial considerations are listed below to find out the number-one short throw projector from the market:

  • Brightness – The lumens number plays a pivotal role when you choose short throw projectors. The lumens define the amount of brightness of the image on the screen, and a projector should have more than 2500 lumens for projecting the image from a short distance. So higher the number of lumens better will be the vividness and crispness of the frame on the screen. However, nowadays there are some particular projectors that can project bright images with low lumens number, but they are slightly costly.
  • Light Source – Nowadays, most of the short throw projectors in the market utilize digital light processing projection systems for throwing an image on the screen. This light source serves as the most efficient light bulb which assists in projecting a crystal clear frame. However, you can even opt for projectors with LED or laser light source which has better longevity than DLP source. So if your priority is mostly a performance, then DLP serves as a most logical choice but if you want the blend of both performance as well as the economy, then LEDs.
  • Throw Ratio – Lastly, the throw ratio serves as the most important consideration when you are about to buy a projector. If you are hunting for a short-throw projector, then you need to choose a model which has a throw ratio lower than 1.4. However, most of the top-end short throw projectors provide a throw ratio around 0.5:1, but it varies from model to mode.
  • Price – Lastly you need to consider the cost of the model, if you are planning to opt for a model with a low throw ratio then you might have to shell the right amount of money. So opt for model decent short-throw ratio as they don’t cost much and offer almost the same projection performance.

Now, let dig more into the short-throw projector and find out some of the crucial benefits of this kind of projector:

The Benefit of Using Short Throw Projectors

short throw, normal, ultra throw
Source: ViewSonic

The following points will take you through the essential benefits of using a short-throw projector:

  • First and foremost, a short-throw projector serves as the most prominent solution if you are looking for a home entertainment setup in a small room. These projectors need to place 3 or 4 feet away from the screen, and they seamlessly project your content without ado. However, the distance entirely depends upon the image size and short throw ratio of the projector, but mostly it stays very close to the screen.
  • They are quite easy to set up, and you won’t have to consider a lot of calculations for their placement. Most importantly it doesn’t require a lot of correction in installation, and you can easily mount them on a table or ceiling. It is essential for people who live in an apartment which doesn’t have significant space to accommodate a standard projector that needs to be placed at least 8 feet away.
  • The issue related to people passing in front of the projector goes away as they now get a lot of space to move from the rear side. Moreover, there won’t be any chance of falling down on the ground due to wires.
  • The overall cost setup gets slashed by a large margin as you won’t have to buy extensions for power cable and HDMI to hook them appropriately to the projector. The cost of the cable mask also gets reduced as the projector will be placed a few feet away from the screen and switchboard.

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