Epson VS240 Review – Good Entry-Level Projector

Epson VS240 review

[A newer version of this projector is available, check out the new EPSON VS250]

The Epson VS240 projector has some advanced features and is extremely versatile. This small in size but very powerful projector will surely become an essential piece of equipment for anyone wishing to show movies, display personal photo’s, surf the internet or deliver high quality business presentations that will astound colleagues. Coming at a very reasonable price, with a fast set-up and vivid picture display. the Epson VS240 is an opportunity not to be missed.


  • Weighing just 5.29 pounds, the VS240 is extremely easy to carry around
  • With 3000 lumens of colour brightness and 3000 lumens of white brightness, in any light the pictures and presentations remain sharp and crisp
  • This projector offers a huge 10,000 hours of lamp use in ECO mode and 5000 hours in normal mode. It’ll be a considerable number of years before the lamp has to be replaced.
  • Manual digital zoom, while often a weak point on some projectors, the VS240 delivers zoom in complete clarity
  • The built in 3 chip technology provides amazing life-like image detail, so that everything, from the smallest writing on a bar chart can be seen.
  • 30 inch to 350 inch viewable screen size.
  • Connectivity: HDMI’s and USB connections enable users to easily hook up laptops, media players and phones.
  • Quick image alignment


  • Doesn’t come with HDMI cable, but these are very cheap and easy to get a hold of
  • A small amount of time might be needed at first, getting to know the brightness settings. Users will however quickly learn which settings are needed to maximize image clarity in any light.


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

The Epson VS240 is only 14.5 inches in length by 13.5 inches in width and with a depth of 6.2 inches, so can easily and effortlessly be carried around to any business or personal engagement on your schedule. It weighs just 5.29 pounds so will never be a burden even for the most lengthy commutes or walks. The design is a huge plus point too; certainly one of the more stylish and best designed pieces of equipment in the Epson range.


There’s nothing worse than working all night on a presentation, then getting into the office, turning out the lights and finding that no matter how hard you try, huge rays of sun keep creeping into the room, obscuring your images. With the Epson VS240 this problem will never be experienced. Simply turn up the white brightness (it goes up to a giant 3000 lumens) and your pictures will will look as perfect as if the room was pitch black

If you have a presentation, that might involve note taking by yourself, your colleagues, or your employee’s, thus making it impractical to turn out the lights, then the VS240 has that covered too. Even in a well-lit room you just turn the white brightness right up and everyone will be able to see clearly to the smallest detail.

At 800×600 SVGA resolution this projector will display undistorted images whether they be photographs, internet sites or pie charts. Many projectors will display photographs but distort charts or vice versa, but Epson have the perfect resolution combined with their 3 chip technology which ensures a wide variety uses. You can use the VS240 for showing home movies, and displaying personal photograph’s, then go to work with it the next day. It will fit into a small suitcase and even underneath your arm in a carry case, so if life is sometimes fast paced, just pick it up and go.

Often projectors this this many uses, come with long set-up times and are slow to reach full brightness. The Epson VS240 has a quick and easy set-up, displays images immediately and takes only 30-45 seconds to reach full brightness. So, you won’t have to wait to do anything. This is really impressive considering there’s a screen size of up to 350 inches with this projector. Speaking of the screen size; at this almost cinematic area of viewing, even images you’ve seen before many times, look completely different and astounding.

Final Verdict:

The Epson VS240 covers all bases and comes at a much lower price than most comparative projectors. The images are sharper than the ViewSonic PJD5533W, and the brightness is better than with the Epson 330. The difference with the Epson VS240 is that it does everything, so this will be the only piece of projection equipment you’ll ever need.

Epson VS240

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