Epson VS250 Review – Bright, rich color, and sharp focus.

Epson VS250 Review

Epson added to it’s list of 3LCD projectors with the new Epson VS250, released on September 2017. It is an update to the Epson VS240 which was hugely popular back in the day. There are certain differences between 3LCD projectors and single chip DLP projectors, but the latest 3LCD technology is generally considered to be better. So how does this new projector compare to the old one? Read on the find out:


  • One of the cheapest Epson projectors currently available
  • Surprisingly good brightness (3200 lumens) and image quality at this price
  • Perfect for presentations (use large fonts) and other portable uses
  • Good build quality and styling
  • Light-weight and easy set-up
  • No rainbow effect and minimal screen-door effect




Overall Impression Epson VS250-

Size and Design:

It certainly looks beautiful for the price range it comes in and there are no build quality issues. The set-up and buttons are easy to understand, it comes with a remote and you will most likely be able to just plug and play. For connectivity, it has the generic HDMI and USB out. The decision to add no audio out is strange, though it can easily solved by buying a converter (linked above). Weighing about 5.3 pounds, it is a light-weight projector ideal for portable uses and office presentations.



The native SVGA resolution might seem a little low at first glance, as most people are used to HD images by now. But at the sub $300 price range, you would be hard-pressed to find 1080p projectors. 3LCD technology has come a long way with regular improvements and with the contrast ratio (15000:1) and high brightness of this projector, the images you get are very respectable.

The projector is great for watching movies, tv shows and sporting events. The low resolution does hold it back a little bit in terms of PPT presentations and computing. As smaller fonts or desktop icons might be hard to figure out. You can always zoom in using the remote but it is far from ideal.

The most important thing though and the reason why most people buy projectors is to project large images on a screen and rid themselves of the clutter of traditional televisions, and this projector does a wonderful job at that. The colors are rich, bright and with a high contrast ratio.

Download Epson VS250 User Manual

Final Verdict:

Yes the Epson VS250 has some issues like the inability to connect external speakers and a SVGA resolution, but it is more than offset by the many positives it offers. At a price of below $300, it is a highly recommended projector and one of the best at this price point.

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt from Texas has been the best-selling author in 2014. He was the most appreciated writer in 2015. Different organizations have honored him with different awards and memberships as well. He is a tech shop owner and completed graduation in Electrical Engineering.

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