piano brands to avoid

What Are The Piano Brands That People Say to Avoid?

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not declaring the mentioned piano brands below are the worst brand and they only produce shitty pianos. We neither claim that. To be honest, we’ve never tested their pianos. This article is just a collection of some people’s opinions. We are just mentioning their review here, nothing else. So, we hope you won’t take it personally. This article is just a reminder so that you check every piano you buy from those manufacturers. If you need to say anything about the article, want to ask a question personally, please contact us.

piano brands to avoid


Well, the piano market in the United States has given room to various brands and some of the brands quite favorite throughout the world. However not every brand is not great, and there are many brands that you need to avoid while decide to buy a piano. According to many customer testimonials from different forums we have come to know about some cheap brands especially from China, South Korea, and Russia that you should definitely avoid.

Again: All the information we have put forward in this article is entirely based on testimonials of different users in various piano forums, and these are NOT our personal opinion. Here we won’t provide information about different brands separately rather we will discuss them collectively.  

You should be aware of the fact that unknown cheap models hailing from different production houses in China are some of the worst pianos to have in the music room. Primarily brands like Samick, Young Chang, Mason Risch, Gulbransen are some poor brands that you should definitely avoid whenever you go out to buy a new piano.

The built quality and sound quality are the most disappointing factor of these brands, and when you play them, you will hear a sound similar to any toy piano. They mostly utilize poor-quality plastic to build their pianos, so pianos from them are always prone to damage from a little blow.

Still, some users who are not aware of these models often opt for them as they get attracted to them by the extensive list of features they offer. However, in reality, most of these features are fake, and they mention those features only to attract customers. In addition, even if it manages to work, it stops working after a few days. The keys are basically regular plastic keys that don’t have proper sensitivity and are utterly devoid of the weighted feature. The biggest drawback is the output quality, and even if you use an amplifier, the overall quality remains poor.

Apart from the companies mentioned earlier, you should also avoid manufacturers like Suzuki, Daewoo, Kranich, and Marantz as they have failed to impress their customers. Experts highly criticized most of the models from these brands as they were unable to deliver a decent sound quality. The models of these manufacturers didn’t have a vast number of sounds and voices which serves as the essential requirement. Many users have put up a negative review about the touch sensitivity and pitching of these brands. So you should definitely avoid any models from these brands.

In piano street forum, one user had mentioned that when he was playing a note on a Daewoo piano, the sound died in quick seconds after playing one note. This is the worst thing that can happen to a piano, and it shows the piano doesn’t come with suitable hardware or a sound engine. Moreover, other people have also said that most of the Daewood models were devoid of any effects or rhythms which is often needed in piano while playing.

Previously we have discussed about specific brands collectively which were based upon the user’s opinion, and now we like to explain why you should avoid unknown brands.

There are numerous reasons to distrust them, but the crucial idea is that they fail to deliver the sound quality you expect from them. Another substantial cause is that they don’t come with any kind of warranty or after-service support which every customer looks for in a brand. These unknown brands are mostly cheap and come with poor built quality. So rather than buying a model from these kinds of brands to save few bucks, you should invest in highly reputed brands as they will be worth every penny you pay. If you are short on budget, you can even get a good digital piano under $300.

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