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Polar H10 Review by CardioCritic

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A Deep Dive Into The Polar H10

The Polar H10 Bluetooth heart rate sensor is everything the Polar H7 was … but better.

The main improvement is an internal memory that stores a single session up to 65 hours long. This means you can leave your phone or watch at home.

The H10 can also transmit heart rate data to the GoPro Hero 4 & 5 action cameras adding HR data to your videos. It also features improved heart rate accuracy and silicone nodules to prevent the belt slipping.

The Polar H10 heart rate sensor has been reviewed by TheBestInTech.

h10 front view with band

Before we Start

Who really wants to wear a chest strap heart rate monitor? Not me.

I understand that for 99.999% accuracy a chest strap heart rate sensor is the most accurate, however, I’d rather have something a little more comfortable. In late 2021 Polar introduced us to a new product, the Polar OH1 (Optical Heart Rate) – an armband style HRM sensor that can be worn on the upper or lower arm.

Heart Rate is accurately acquired from the 6 x LED sensors. This heart rate data is then either BROADCAST to compatible Bluetooth devices or STORED internally for download to Polar Flow at a later time.

In this storage mode the Polar OH1 armband heart rate monitor can be used as a standalone device recording up to 200 hours of total training data.

If you simply want to record heart rate on your iOs or Android device running your favourite fitness app (Polar Beat, Endomondo, Strava, MapMyRun etc) the Polar OH1 could be just what you’ve been looking for.

It can also broadcast HR data to other compatible Bluetooth devices eg. Polar M460, POlar V800, Suunto Spartan (range) etc. Or simply strap it on your arm, turn it on, press the button twice to enter STANDALONE mode and go train.

All your heart rate data is conveniently stored for download to Polar Flow when you’ve finished….

Main Features and Functions

  • Bluetooth 4.0 (BTLE Smart)
  • Built-in memory can store ONE complete training session. HR data sampled once per second and the training session can be up to 65 hours. This data can be downloaded to Polar Beat App after training.
  • GoPro Hero 4 & 5 compatibility for streaming HR data to action video !
  • Improved electrode design with better contact to skin
  • Addition of non-slip silicone nodules to prevent belt slippage
  • Supports older Polar watches using 5kHz signal (T31 & Wearlink)
  • Easy change battery – the H10 uses a CR2025 which provides up to 400 hour heart rate recording
  • Supports popular training equipment using 5kHz signal (treadmills, steppers etc with Polar logo)
  • New algorithm makes the BEST HR sensor even BETTER
  • Transmits HR data when SWIMMING to the Polar V800 and any other Polar device supporting 5kHz (not BTLE or Polar WIND)
  • Compatible with the Polar Beat app and many other smartphone apps, eg. Strave, MapMyRide, Endomondo etc
  • Compatible with Polar Club and Polar Team solutions
  • Review summary and conclusions
  • Alternative Bluetooth HR sensors

    Bluetooth Heart Rate for your Smartphone

    Polar Flow and Polar Beat

    Polar H10 and Strava

     GoPro Hero 4 & 5 Compatible

    This is a key feature of the new H10 and something not available with the H7. The Polar H10 can add heart rate data to your GoPro Hero 4 or 5 action videos.

    Capture memories with the Polar H10 and compatible GoPro action cameras.

    The Polar H10 can pair with your watch AND the GoPro camera giving HR overlay data in your action videos.

    More information on the H10 and GoPr0 on the Polar site and also on the GoPro site

    It is important to mention that Polar H6, Polar H7, and Polar H10 are not compatible with Windows phones.

    Other than Polar Beat, the following applications seem to work together with H6 / H7 / H10:

    • Endomondo
    • Cardio Mapper
    • Runtastic
    • iSmooth Run

    Again, all you need is your smartphone, the Strava app (Strava website) and this Polar H10 heart rate sensor.

    Comparison - Polar H10 vs H7

    The main differences between these two Bluetooth heart rate sensor belts are –

    • Internal Memory for 1 training session (not in H7)
    • Support for GoPro Hero Cam (not in H7)

    Internal Memory for 1 session

    This is a key feature of the Polar H10. You can train without watch or smartphone. The H10 has an internal memory for 1 training session. This session can be as long as 65 hours.

    I have quickly tested this and it works very well. The procedure is as follows (also shown in the image below)

    1. Start Polar Beat app
    2. Press top RIGHT and select “Save HR with Sensor”
    3. Once the two icons have solid BLUE lines, indicating H10 is paired and acquiring heart rate, you are ready to TRAIN
    4. At end of the session, press the RED cirlce to STOP the session
    5. Your heart rate training data is then downloaded to the Polar Beat app. It is then displayed as shown in the final two images in the sequence below.

    Video Review

    Here's a video video review, it's 9 minutes long and I try to give themost in-depth real-world feeling on how Polar H10 works. As always, unscripted so as true as it gets! 


    An interesting alternative is the Kardia Mobile by Alivecor that we recently reviewed at TheBestInTech which is an ECG unit specifically designed to spot atrial fibrillation. 

    Review Summary

    Polar have lead the world in heart rate monitoring since 1976 for a good reason.

    Their products are exceptional quality and can be considered as the GOLD STANDARD of heart rate monitoring.

    I have always used the previous Polar H7 as my CONTROL heart rate monitor when doing comparisons with other models. This new Polar H10 is EVEN BETTER. It will be the unit I now use when testing and comparing the heart rate accuracy of other devices.

    Related Article: Calculate Heart Rate Zones, if you don't know your Maximum Heart Rate, use this calculator!

    Standout new features are the internal memory for training without your phone or watch and it’s GoPro Hero compatibility. It’s impossible to criticise the Polar H10 (other than price…) I have awarded the H10 an exemplary 5/5 star rating

    Display and Uses

    Polar H10 has been designed to be an accurate heart rate monitor that can help its wearer calculate important fitness metrics that can be used to assess fitness levels. One training session can be stored on the Polar H10, so before you train again, you must move the data to their Polar Beat free fitness app. 

    Materials and Durability

    On the fitness strap itself, there isn’t a display; however, all of the metrics are available for you on the app to be viewed as and when you want. The heart rate monitor is durable and has a battery life of 400 hours; once the battery runs out, it will need to be replaced.

    This heart rate monitor chest strap is made using the following material:

    • Connector: ABS, ABS + GF, PC, Stainless steel
    • Strap: 38% Polyamide, 29% Polyurethane, 20% Elastane, 13% Polyester, Silicone prints

    Functions and How to Operate the Chest Strap

    The Polar H10 uses a very basic method to measure heart rate called an ECG. Although this device is simple, it uses the most accurate methods to measure heart rate and is considered to be a reliable device. 

    Here are the basic details you need to know about how to operate the Polar H10 chest strap:

    Getting Started

    You must ensure that your Polar H10 is synced with your chosen device before getting started. Once you have synced your chest strap with your chosen device, the Polar H10 will transmit data via Bluetooth. 

    How to Use it

    1. Wear your sensor. 
    2. Open Polar Beat app on mobile you have paired your sensor with. 
    3. Select your sport profile, tap three dots on the top right corner, Save HR with sensor and Start.
    4. After your training session, you can stop the recording either by tapping the stop button on display or removing the connector from its strap.

    Polar H10 and Water Activities

    You will be pleased to know that you can use your Polar H10 chest strap in water to measure your heart rate during water activities. The Bluetooth function doesn’t work underwater; however, you can simply transfer the data once you have completed your workout and you are out of the water.

    Polar H10 FAQ

    When it comes to our fitness, precision, and careful calculation, it is important to improve our fitness levels. We don’t want to leave any of your questions unanswered, and because of this, we have put together this Frequently asked questions section for you to look through.

    Is Polar H10 Accurate?

    The company claim that the Polar H10 is accurate to +/- one millisecond. This varies from person to person as movement caused by sweat can really alter the data collected. 

    How Accurate is Polar H10 Calories?

    The calorie count is not the Polar H10’s strongest feature. In fact, according to its users, it can be up to 50% inaccurate in calculating your calories. 

    Can You Wear Polar H10 All Day?

    Yes! You can wear the Polar H10 all day if you want to. It has been designed with comfort in mind, so for those of you that want your heart rate measured all day, you can do so with this chest strap. 

    How Long Does Polar H10 Battery Last?

    The battery lasts around 400 hours. Once the battery runs out, it will need to be replaced. 

    Do I Have to Wear the Polar H10 While I Train if I am Wearing a Fitness Tracking Watch Too?

    No, you do not have to; however, if you want the most accurate heart rate data, you should wear a chest strap. 

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