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7 Steps to Clean Your Piano Keys – Right Ways to Clean Keys

Well, let me congratulate you first on having a piano in your house! Dual congo for playing the piano for a long time as well. 😀

I have a piano (though digital piano) in my home too. People come to my home very often. As I have installed that piano in my sitting room, the piano is visible to everyone. They often request me to play the piano. So for that reason, I always try to keep my piano neat and clean. The keyboard is the first thing that a visitor sees. But the white keys allow dust, dirt even your fingerprint, and that shows up very clearly to everyone. So, cleaning your keys are really very important to keep your piano in good condition. In this article, we are going to show you some effective tips and ways to clear your piano keyboard step by step.

Things that you will need:

  • A soft cleaner like mild dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • Some pieces of white soft cloths
  • Clean water
  • A bowl

7 effective ways to clean your piano keys

Mix up the solution

At first, take 250 ml water (warm water is preferable) in a bowl and mix up the mild dish wash soap with water. Mix only one or two tubes of mild dish wash soap with 250 ml water. It is important to mix that solution properly. You can use a spoon or any kind of stick to mix those up.

Drip a white but soft cloth into the solution

Now, take a white cloth and drip that into the solution. The cloth should be very soft and gentle. Please be careful when you are dripping the clothes in the water. The cloth should not get wet, just make sure the cloth is only damp otherwise the water can enter between the keys and can damage the wooden body. You may be thinking why I am telling you to take white clothes, huh? Because any colorful clothes can even make your white keys discolor by transferring dye.

Clean the white keys

Start cleaning the white keys with the damped white cloths. Just keep moving the clothes front to back and back to front. Don’t wipe side to side. I mean wipe by cloths vertically, not horizontally otherwise moisture can transfer to the space between the keys.

Clean the black keys

Now it’s time to clean the black keys. Use different white clothes for the black keys. This is also important because if you don’t use separate cloths, then your white keys can be stained by the black paint of the black keys. Use the same method of rubbing the keys like the white keys.

It’s time to use a dry cloth

Now, you have to use a dry white and soft cloth to wipe vertically so that the soap residue can be wiped off. Make sure you clean the space between the keys with that dry cloth so that nothing can be stuck there.

Remove Fingerprint

  1. So far we have seen some ways and tricks to clean the keyboard. But those won’t be helpful while you are going to remove your fingerprint from the keys, especially from the white keys. You will need to follow the steps mentioned below:
  2. At first, you need to make a solution. This won’t be same as before. You need to prepare a solution where the proportion will be 1 part vinegar : 3 part water. Mix them properly with a spoon.
  3. Now, again take a white soft cloth and drip it into the solution. You need to be sure that the cloth is only damp, not wet.
  4. Now, start cleaning all keywords separately. After, doing a single key, let it be dry before you jump to the next key. Vinegar can even damage the keys if it is not fully dried. So, give the key some time to be dried. Clean all keys one by one.
  5. Uncover the piano for at least 24 hours to dissipate the smell of vinegar. The smell can be permanent if you cover the piano after applying vinegar.


Cover the piano

If you are not covering the keys after playing, please start doing so from now. This can prevent the dust build up. Again use a soft cloth to cover the piano. This time, you won’t have to use white cloth.


Cleaning the keyboard of a piano on a regular basis, your piano will be presentable to all of the people. It will also increase the beauty of the piano. I have mentioned the name of mild soap, but you can use any kind of soft cleaning solution instead.

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