ireliev combination machine review

iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Machine Review

ireliev combination machine review

At a Glance: Quick Ratings

Intensity Levels


Therapy Programs


Ease of Use


Battery Life


  • 25 intensity levels ranging from 0 to 100mA
  • 14 programs covering both TENS and EMS modes
  • The menu navigation is a bit slow
  • The power draw is a bit much on EMS settings

Where To Get It

A Deep Dive Into The iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Machine 

Designing a TENS and EMS combo unit is harder than most people realize.

Because the two stimulation methods have entirely different purposes, manufacturers tend to stick to making either TENS or EMS machines instead of combining the two.

This iReliev machine though has a lot of potential. It makes the most of both electrical stimulation methods and comes with all the accessories needed for pain relief and muscle growth.

Check out our review to find out where it nails the combination of two technologies and where it falls short so that you’ll know if it’s worth your money.

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The iReliev combo machine is designed for athletes, the elderly, and people too busy to keep to a strict gym workout schedule. It's not designed for rehabilitating patients that have a pacemaker or people with very stocky body types.

Product Info

The iReliev addresses very distinct issues by incorporating two different electric stimulation technologies in one compact unit. It aims to save users time and money and keep them in shape and pain-free at all ages.

What’s Included?

The iReliev comes with six pads – two large and four small. Both sets can be used for TENS and EMS programs. It also comes with three AAA batteries, lead wires, tote bag, and a belt clip for even more convenience.

Overview of Features

Obviously, the main draw of this iReliev unit is the TENS and EMS dual functionality. With a total of 14 massage modes – 8 TENS and 6 EMS –the iReliev can cover a wide range of pain relief treatments as well as give you good contractions for almost any muscle group.

The device also features a specific program for arthritis-related pain. The P8 program uses low-voltage pulses that target this condition. The preset is good enough as is and shouldn’t require additional adjustments. However, any of the 25 levels of intensity can be applied to any program in the list.

The pads are clearly designed to serve both purposes. The machine has a dual output and it works with two large pads or four small pads. This allows very targeted electrical stimulation. In TENS mode, the pads can cover a wide skin surface.

When used as an EMS muscle builder, it’s probably best to use the 4-pad setup. This allows you to work more parts of your body at the same time, say both arms. It also allows you to work your abs better as you can direct the current to contract front abdominal and oblique muscles for a complete workout.

The unit runs on three AAA batteries. The fact that it doesn’t have a rechargeable power bank makes the device lightweight and easy to use. On the other hand, EMS programs take a toll on the batteries compared to running TENS massage programs.

Last but not least, the Lock feature is very important. When doing EMS training, you never want to go at the highest intensity levels in the blink of an eye. With this feature, you can lock the controller after starting the program so that you won’t get a massive jolt to your muscles by accident.

While this may not affect TENS therapeutic programs as much, it is highly important when it comes to targeted muscle contractions.

Review Summary

The iReliev is not the cheapest TENS machine,but because of its dual functionality and multiple EMS programs, it has great value for money. The machine is also rather easy to use thanks to the carefully preprogrammed modes for TENS and EMS sessions.

All things considered, the iReliev checks a lot more boxes than expected. It’s ready to use out of the box, it’s well programmed and does a lot for rehabilitation and muscle conditioning, and it also gives you the freedom to fine-tune any program to your liking.

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