QualGear PRB-717-BLK Universal Ceiling Mount Review

QualGear PRB-717-BLK Universal Ceiling Mount Review
QualGear PRB-717-BLK projector mount offers advanced features and high-end functionalities at a pocket-friendly price tag. It can be tilted from 0� to 60� to achieve perfect projector positions. The unit’s attachment legs offer versatility; they also vary in size and are customizable to multiple positions. The kit includes Alan Wrench, anchors, spacers, screws, extra bolts and adjustments. Fully installed, the mount lets users angle or rotate for the best shining point. This QualGear PRB-717-BLK projector mount is sturdy and versatile; you can ensconce anywhere.

Main Features of the QualGear PRB-717-BLK Projector Mount:

Durable Construction

This unit features super duty cold rolled stainless steel material for durability. It offers a “Quick Release” function to attach easily or detach the projector. The lining has a black finish, an epoxy powdered coat that is scratch-proof and indelibly shiny. A low-profile flush mount suspends projector at 6” away from ceilings.

Highly Flexible

The QualGear PRB-717-BLK tilts from 0-to-60 degrees, swivels at 360�, roll: +-20�, pitch: +- 30� and shift: 1 inch. It is overly adjustable in every angle, save for vertical height. Weighing 30 pounds and mounting holes varying from 6.6” to 16”, this universal design is compatible with most projectors in the market.

Fast, Easy Installation

Its pre-sorted hardware package allows easy and time-saving installation. It mounts on wooden structures, concrete or brick surfaces with mounting hardware. Its installation manual is easy to follow and includes an intuitive video.


The Good:

• Durable construction, heavy-duty cold, rolled stainless steel materials.
• Universal design is compatible with common projector models, plus highly adjustable mounting holes.
• Low-profile flush mounts can support projector at 6 inches from the ceiling.
• Multiple adjustments, tilt, swivel, roll, pitch and shift.
• Snap on and snap off designing facilitates fast, easy installation.

The Bad:

Users may find it hard to tighten swivel/yaw although other directions lock firmly.

Bottom line:

QualGear PRB-717-BLK is highlighted by quality construction, premium quality, and optimum adjustment when mounted. It mates with most projector brands out there, whether they be small, medium and large models. Installing is bliss and is valuable investment.

QualGear PRB-717-BLK Universal Ceiling Mount

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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