5 best tech products for sleep

5 Best Tech Products for Sleep

5 best tech products for sleep

Are you struggling to get to sleep at night, or wake up feeling refreshed in the morning? Insomnia is a problem that affects millions of people around the world and laying in bed at night trying to sleep when you can’t is a very frustrating issue to deal with. While the experts don’t recommend a lot of tech products in the evening like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop before going to sleep because of the blue light’s effect on your body’s circadian rhythm, the good news is that there are plenty of tech products out there that can actually help you go to sleep. Here are some of the best ones to consider.

New Mattress


While it’s not technically a tech product, if your mattress is unsupportive, causing pain, or not the right firmness for your sleeping style, no tech product in the world is going to have much of an effect on helping you sleep. To get the best use from any product that you use to aid your sleep, a good, supportive mattress is a basic requirement. If you’ve been sleeping on your current mattress for many years, or it’s just not right for you, it’s time to consider a replacement. Check out the Labor day mattress sale to get the best mattress for you at a great price.

Home Assistant


A home assistant or smart speaker can be an ideal tech product to add to your bedroom. Opt for one that does not have a screen so that there is no blue light to mess with your sleep. You can connect speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Home to your smartphone even if the phone isn’t in the room and ask it to play music, read an audiobook, play a podcast, or even play white noise and other relaxing sounds to help you sleep at night. In addition, you can also use it to set timers, alarms and reminders to help you stick to a sleep-wake schedule.

Smart Diffuser


There are certain scents that can help you relax and fall asleep at night, and putting a smart diffuser in your room is a great way to get the benefits of this. You can use your smartphone before going to bed to set your diffuser to come on and switch off at a certain time to help you sleep. Add essential oils with calming scents like rosemary or lavender to make it easier for you to wind down and destress before falling asleep at night.

Automatic Light Bulbs


A smart light bulb in your room can really help with your sleep-wake schedule, especially if you use blackout curtains to help you sleep and the room is still dark in the morning. Your body might not naturally wake up if the room is darkened even when it’s light outside, so you can set your lights to come on at a certain time and encourage you to wake up naturally without having to sacrifice the darkness of your room when you go to bed. You can even get wake-up lights that mimic sunlight if you prefer natural light.

Bed Climate Control


Once you have the perfect mattress for you, you can go even further by investing in a mattress pad designed to control the climate of your bed. Studies have shown that being at the right temperature can make it easier for us to fall asleep and stay comfortable all night long. You can find smart climate control mattress pads that allow you to control the temperature of your bed easily using the app, or even connect it to a home assistant to control it with voice commands.

If you’re struggling to sleep, it might be best to stay away from some types of technology. But these gadgets can have the opposite effect, helping you enjoy a great night’s sleep every night.

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