How to Get the Most Out of Your Action Camera

How to Get the Most Out of Your Action Camera

Action cameras are not only more common but are also more affordable. For a few years now, action cams have been the go-to cameras for those seeking compact cameras for recording everything from travel and urban exploration to fast-paced action and adventures. Action cameras are also designed to be very durable, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

However, not all action cameras are created equal. To get the best photos and videos out of the one you use, you need to know the camera itself and its capabilities. On top of that, you have to learn how to maximize the photos and videos coming out of your action camera to get the best results. These next few tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your action camera.

The Right Accessories



As mentioned before, action cameras are designed to be compact and very durable. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from a few added accessories. In fact, your action camera will have a suite of accessories designed specifically to enhance its capabilities.

A suitable mount is a good place to start. When you can mount your action camera correctly, you can capture better footage in difficult situations. If you are riding a motorcycle, for instance, being able to mount the action camera to your helmet will give you a first-person view of the adventure.

Cases are also very handy. Not all action cameras can withstand the elements, so adding an underwater case or a rugged cage can help keep the action camera safe while you go on big adventures. You can worry less about the camera and more about the footage you capture.

Plan Ahead


Speaking about choosing the right accessories, planning the shots you want to capture is another great way to make the most out of your action camera. When you know what kind of shots you will be taking – and the activities you will do – you can use an action camera to capture them perfectly.

Let’s say you want to record yourself conquering big waves and surfing like a pro. Using an action camera with a suitable hydrophobic coating and a rugged, waterproof case will allow you to mount the camera on the edge of your surfboard without worry.

Once the camera is in place, you can leave it on record and have a blast. A camera that is low profile is less likely to get knocked out of its mount. The right field of view will take care of placing you – the hero of the story – in the right frame.

Use Creative Angles



Speaking about the field of view, action cameras tend to offer a wider angle. This is beneficial for two reasons. First, you capture more of the adventure and the context of it; when viewers can see a wide view of the landscape, they feel more involved in the action.

The second reason is the depth of field. Wide lenses have a deeper depth of field, making action cameras very pleasant to use. No need to check if you or other subjects are in focus because everything in the frame will be.

The wide field of view lets you use a more creative angle when shooting. If you want to show grandness, for example, you can position the action camera lower and point upwards. To highlight the majestic landscape, use a monopod or a selfie stick to position the action camera higher.

Think About Colors


The last tip we are going to discuss in this article has something to do with the colors coming out of your action camera. Action cameras have the tendency of producing vibrant pictures, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do more to enhance the footage.

For starters, you can use an underwater filter to capture crisp and vibrant footage when diving or swimming. The filter removes haze and enhances the clarity of the image while correcting any color shift caused by the depth.

Using a flat color profile in the camera and then editing the footage with suitable LUTs is another thing you can try. Camera-specific LUTs will help bring the natural colors from your action camera while turning the footage into a cinematic masterpiece at the same time.

That’s it! With these tips in mind, you can capture incredible footage without having to worry about camera settings or focus. All you need to do now is choose the next adventure you want to capture and share.

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