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best digital piano brand

When you make your way into the digital piano world, it is sure that you must know about the best digital piano brand in the market. It would be a daunting chore for you, because a lot of considerations come into play, and it is not always possible to invest a tremendous amount of time to find out the solution.

There are a lot of piano manufacturers who produce the worst pianos. So, to help you out in the task we have covered that brainstorming part and used our experience to find out the names of 5 top digital piano manufacturers. Below we have put forward the name of those brands who are currently ruling the market with their victorious fleet of keyboard pianos.

Top 5 Best Digital Manufacturers



Yamaha Logo

The legendary brand Yamaha has been ruling the digital piano market since its arrival, and they are the most widely available brand in the US. Yamaha has always been associated with manufacturing musical instruments in the market, and they are quite known for producing some top-of-the-line acoustic pianos.

This sheer craftsmanship also reflects on their digital piano, and every user hails their products for the top-of-the-line, built quality. What makes them different from all the other brands is that their effort towards making the sound of the digital piano the same as the acoustic ones.

Yamaha is known for using modern technology in their digital pianos, and a significant amount of unique effects in the keyboard serve as the proof. To notch up the sound output quality, they also retrieve audio samples from the CFIIIS grand piano. It is often said, Yamaha is one of those few companies that pack all their models with numerous sound effects and reverbs.

Whether they are making piano for stage performers or beginners, they never compromise on the quality of the keys. Not only that, they bring out-innovating mechanisms for every component like voice and tone selection, headphone output, 3D surround output, wave sampling technology, graded hammer action key, etc.

Fulfilling customer demand and satisfaction is a key motto of Yamaha, and this is the reason they are always coming out with a great product in every price range. You can get a Yamaha digital piano even under $500. They also have some digital pianos over $5000!

Due to the excellent range of products, they have won numerous awards like Red Dot Design Awards, MIA award, Good Design Award, Long Life Design Award, etc. To make things convenient for users, they offer a warranty on all of their products. Whenever you have an issue with their product, you can get in touch with their customer service who are well-liked for their efficient work.


Casio Logo

Almost every musician and music instrument enthusiast in the United States is quite aware of musical instruments from Casio especially their digital pianos. This brand is quite prevalent in the US market especially for digital piano models related to a beginner or mid-level.

Every year they have been enriching their products with new mechanisms and technologies so that can reach the top spot in the market. They have employed many highly experienced engineers who are continually working to improve the sound quality of the keyboards. With every product, they try to bring a blend of top-notch design, class apart music quality, and modern musical technology.

Casio has a series of value for money models that have amazed the customers with its tone quality, functionality, and technologies but its Privia and Celviano range deserve the special mention. This two-piano range offers Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboards which are only available top-end models of other brands.

They never differentiate their models depending upon their price, and this is why wave generation, modern sound technology, and graded hammer action technology are common in their products. Another reason behind their immense popularity is their vast range of features at an affordable price which is almost unusual in other top brands.

Apart from excellent products from Casio, the manufacturer is also known for its impeccable after-sales services. Whether technical issue or hardware, the customer service will come forward to seek out the problem as soon as possible.

Many experts suggest digital pianos of this brand because they work as a long-term investment. Their innovative approach towards building their products has assisted them to win numerous prizes. MMR Dealer’s Choice Award, Pro Digital Piano of The Year, iF Design Award 2017, Diapason d’Or award, etc. are some essential awards they have won so far.


Ronald Logo

Roland is a prestigious digital piano brand that is not only a well-liked brand among regular consumers but also many musicians in the United States. Most of the users are quite satisfied with their product because the manufacturer never compromises on the quality and they always try to put the most excellent features.

Most of the experts rely entirely on Roland products due to their consistency, efficiency, built quality, and effectiveness. What sets them apart in the market, is their commitment towards bringing innovative sound technology, sampling method, tone selection, unique key mechanism, etc. You can get a Ronald digital piano bellow $2000.

In the past few years, Ronald has produced some of the best digital pianos in the market, and a few of them have also become best sellers on many e-commerce sites. Almost every digital piano of them carries a soothing and, and it is due to sound sampling from acoustic Steinway Concert grand piano.

The pianos are built in such a way that allows the user to gain total control over the keyboard and master the technique. They also offer unique hybrid keys with a wooden core that blends smoothly with hammered action. Like every top-end brand, Roland models are available in different price categories and different niches.

Roland is known for using many efficient technologies in their products, and the Super Natural piano sound engine is one of them. Due to their well-curated models, they have been awarded by various high-status organizations.

Recently they have won the 2018 Editors Choice NAMM and Red Dot Design Award for their pianos. Once you get their model, you will be entitled to efficient warranty service and customer support. A highlight fact of this brand, they often bundle packs with their piano which is quite helpful for people who are new to the piano world.


Kawai Logo

Kawai is a Japanese musical instrument maker who is best known for top-quality but affordable digital pianos. They have a large fleet of models catering to different needs, designs, colors,s and price ranges. Most of the models from them offer stiff competition to models from other brands mainly in sound quality and price. The manufacturer pays a lot of heed in the tone output quality and component durability thus most of their products carry many positive reviews.

A distinct advantage of owning Kawai digital pianos is that it won’t provide you any room to complain about its sound quality and technology. Most of their keyboards have become widely popular for their pragmatic weighted hammer actions.

They always take tone and sound samples from their grand pianos and incorporate them on the digital which has helped them set a high standard in the market. Not only that, they have even taken mechanical capabilities from acoustic ones and embedded them on the digital keyboard.

Buying any digital piano from Kawai will serve as a long-term investment as they provide top priority to the quality. Their incredible craftsmanship has paved the way for many awards which include the Good Design Award, MMR Product of the Year, Home Digital Keyboard of the Year, Product Excellence Award, etc. Customer service-wise, they have never let down any of their users, and they always respond to the issues within a few hours.


Korg Logo

Korg is one of the most famous digital piano brands in the piano world that have some top-end keyboard and stage pianos that are widely used by professional and advanced musicians during their tours. It is a Japanese multinational musical instrument that is famous throughout the world for the top of line products.

They have revolutionized the digital piano market in the United States with their transposition feature which is now common in every piano. All their products are designed by musicians which gives them an upper hand in the market.

The output quality of Korg digital pianos will leave you flabbergasted, and this is because they sample all the tone and mechanisms from their synthesizers and put them in digital pianos. One thing that is common in almost every model is top-notch hammer action and a significant amount of effects.

Moreover, all the models are quite durable and comfortable to port, this is the reason many musicians carry them during their professional music tours. They offer varied types of models pertaining to different requirements, and it starts affordable range to a highly expensive one.

A unique capability of Korg digital pianos is that their budget models hold the prowess to outclass many mid-budget models from other brands. Due to its numerous high-quality digital pianos, Korg has grabbed many prizes and most notably Red Dot Award for product design. Korg has always tried to live up to the demands of their customers and never provided any chance to question customer service.

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