Dell Ultrasharp U2715H Review

Dell Ultrasharp U2715H Review

A Deep Dive Into The Dell Ultrasharp U2715H

The Dell Ultrasharp u2715h is an IPS LCD monitor with wide angles of viewing and 1440p resolution that makes it suitable for environments that are productivity-oriented. It is among the few flexible and easy-to-use monitors you will ever find in the market with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Dell Ultrasharp u2715h possesses great Dell aesthetics, which are known to be great. Dell Ultrasharp u2715h monitor was released in 2014, and since then it has been subjected to further improvements on OSD to meet customers’ demands.

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Who’s It For?

Dell Ultrasharp u2715h monitor attracts customers working in an office setup. Ideally, this monitor needs to be used in an environment with a bright atmosphere, and the office is such a perfect example.

Even though people are using it for gaming, overall, it’s designed for office work. The price of this monitor is determined by whether it is new or used.

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If you can’t meet the cost of a new one, you can go for one that is already used.

Dell Ultrasharp u2715h is the easiest monitor to use for a beginner.

The manual that comes with it is clear, and the assembling techniques are just as easy.

What We Like About Dell Ultrasharp U2715H

Dell Ultrasharp u2715h is flexible and easy to use as the monitor has a stand that has a foot stand making the setup and screen sharing an excellent experience.

The full-screen viewing makes this monitor a top choice to many since you can easily watch it even from afar.  The monitor has a quick-release VESA mount an aspect that makes it possible to attach it onto another stand for smooth movements.

Dell Ultrasharp u2715h is a perfect and outstanding monitor for Mac users. The high resolution featured in the Dell Ultrasharp u2715h monitor allows the user in software development to read the small and compiled text.

What We Don’t Like About Dell Ultrasharp U2715H

The blacks of this monitor are not uniform and show typically some signs of glow, an aspect that makes most people dislike the monitor. The 60Hz refresh rate of the monitor is not effective.

This is the main reason why most gamers do not recommend it.

Things We Like
  • The monitor has excellent brightness.
  • The wide angles of view offer a pleasant experience.
  • The color of the monitor screen is high in accuracy.
  • The bezels of the monitor are relatively small and awesome.
  • The monitor comes with several ports for DP, HDMI, USB 3.0 hub, and mini DP.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The monitor screen is extremely fragile and can crack when you handle it irresponsibly.
  • The black Screen blinking problems get progressively worse with time. This means the lifespan of the Dell Ultrasharp u2715h monitor is short.
  • The contrast of the monitor genuinely is mediocre, and you might not like it.

What’s Included?

Dell Ultrasharp u2715h comes with several different accessories in the box, which helps in assembling and aid functionality. Below are some of the accessories.

The stand: Dell Ultrasharp u2715h monitor comes with a stand similar to other Dell monitors, but it is firmer and with a rectangular footprint. The stand feels stable and offers excellent support to the monitor.

Cable Cover: The cable cover is strong enough and holds cables together firmly.

Power Cable: Dell Ultrasharp u2715h power cable is coated and able to sustain strong power. It does not heat up.
DP Cable: Dell Ultrasharp u2715h has the mini DP to DP cable.

USB 3.0 Upstream Cable: The monitor has the upstream and the downstream cable. The downstream is connected to the computer while the upstream is to the monitor.

Manual: In the box, you will find the manual from the manufacturer to help you to assemble and operate the monitor.
The only notable accessory that this monitor does not come with is the speakers.

Overview Of Features

Dell Ultrasharp u2715h has all the features you might be looking for in a Dell monitor. These are;

An overdrive: The monitor overdrive can be adjusted accordingly to fit your desire.

Color and image: The monitor has a clear and well-displayed menu with a setting on how you can adjust the color and images.

The DisplayPort Out: This feature is essential in that it can be used to drive a second monitor through what we call daisy-chaining.

The arsenic-free glass: Dell Ultrasharp u2715h has a mercury-free LED panel and arsenic free-glass which are all compatible with any Operating System.

Resolution: The resolution of Dell Ultrasharp u2715h is about 16:9 on the ratio, which makes images extra clear. Also, the monitor has an ultra-thin bezel, which is anti-glare.

Control features: When you look at the monitors’ lower right corner, you will notice one power button and four multifunction buttons. these buttons help in navigating the OSD. The buttons have no feedback click and are activated by light touch.

Thickness: Dell Ultrasharp u2715h has an average diameter. When you place it on a VESA mount, it rarely sticks out much but still looks excellent from all sides.

Build Quality: The quality of the Dell Ultrasharp u2715h is perfectly reasonable. Although the entire components are more plastic, the design looks lovely and well refined.

Review Summary

Dell Ultrasharp u2715h is a perfect monitor for mixed purposes.

Its pictures are decent and of high quality. It is essential to mention that the monitor has very few flaws.

The monitor comes with a clear usage manual and factory calibration making it more accurate than average. If you intend to buy a monitor for your office soon, Dell Ultrasharp u2715h is the deal to consider.

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