homegear 120 hd motorized 169 projector screen review

Homegear 120″ HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen Review

homegear 120 hd motorized 169 projector screen review
The Homegear HD 120 is an electronic projector screen designed for gaming, home theater experience, and professional viewing. Featuring a 3D, HD, and remote compatibility; the Homegear 120 is a projector screen guaranteed to transform the world of avid gamers and ardent movie viewers. Through the push of a single button, you can now transform your living room area into an ultimate viewing studio.

Main Features of the Homegear 120″ HD Motorized Projector Screen:

The Homegear 120 has been designed to feature a 3 layer construction which is composed of: a white PVC top, a terylene middle layer plus a black PVC back. The three-layer construction works by eliminating light penetration which results in richer and sharper images. The 3 layer construction is also said to be mildew resistant, fire retardant, and static-resistant.

The top screen is structured from a white Matte (1.2 gain) which coherently works together with a 30mm black masking border. Together they perform the function of enhancing picture contrast. What’s more, is that the white Matte is washable and can be cleaned through the use of soap and water.

Featuring a viewing angle of 160 degrees, the HD Homegear offers a solution for both residential and commercial users. The (16:9) aspect ratio makes it even better by offering a widescreen display. It also features a 120 degrees diagonal size which is estimated at (150cm x 266cm). Apart from creating the perfect home theater, the HD can be used in board rooms, offices, and schools.

The Homegear 120 is coupled with a quiet and efficient motor system whose functionality is defined in enhancing the screen’s longevity.

It is quite easy to assemble the HD Homegear as it features a simple plugin and operating system. All you got to do is attach the white plastic ends to either a wall or a ceiling. When it comes to housing, the screen features a durable steel casing characterized by plastic ends.


The infrared remote control is one of the best aspects featured in the HD Homegear. Coupled with an operating radius of 25 meters, the Homegear remote is a tool that allows one to operate the screen with comfort and ease.

It also features a wall controllable panel that functions without the use of remote control.

The Good:

1. It features Styrofoam packaging for added protection.

2. The Homegear 120 HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control is compatible with all projectors (DLP, CRT, LCD, HD, 3D).

3. The HD Homegear 120 offers 3D plus an HD viewing platform.

4. It comes with infrared remote control.

5. It features a simple plugin and operative system.

6. The quiet motor system provides energy efficiency plus enhanced longevity.

7. The screen can be washed with normal soap and water.

The Bad:

1. There are times when the screen refuses to respond to the remote control. As a result, one is normally required to pull down the screen manually. This can prove to be hectic: when the screen is high up, you will be required to use a ladder.

Bottom line:

Whether you are looking for an ultimate viewing studio or a perfect office presentation display; the Homegear 120″ HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen would serve as the perfect choice. Coupled with an HD viewing capability, the Homegear 120 has broken the limitation in the world of screen projection.

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