viewsonic pa503s review

ViewSonic PA503S Projector Specifications & Review

For the classrooms and the meeting rooms, the ViewSonic PA503S proves to be a great addition as it provides many impressive and amazing features. With a great visual performance that helps in improving the presentations. The lamp life is quite impressive.

The projector comes with 3600 ANSI Lumens of brightness so it doesn’t matter whether the lighting present in the room is proper or not, with the help of this version of ViewSonic projector, you will do just fine. Apart from this, it uses the SuperColor technology which ensures that images that are produced have the best of clarity and color accuracy. Check out this very good model from ViewSonic:

  • Superb color accuracy with SuperColor technology
  • 3600 Lumen Brightness
  • Energy conserving SuperEco tech
  • Minimum Input Latency
  • HDMI Input with 3D Blu-ray
  • Lamp Life of 15,000 hours
What we liked
  • Image projection with ultra-light bulb
  • Power saving option increases life-span up to 15000 hours
  • Flexible and easy use with remote control
  • More options for connectivity
  • Auto shut off and sleep mode available
What we didn’t like
  • The inbuild cooling fan can produce some noise
  • Only SVGA 800 x 600 resolution is enabled

Features of ViewSonic PA503S Projector



The design of the ViewSonic PA503S projector is very user-friendly and easy to use. The projector is very ideal for using for different purposes such as office presentations, home theater, classrooms, and at the outdoors for watching movies. With extra color and 3600 Lumens brightness, the entire thing provides the best quality picture for viewing.

PA503S Design

Also, the projector supports the HDMI, RCA, and VGA hookups as well. Designed to be compatible with the Mac computers, PCs, DVDs. Blu-Ray Players, and several other devices, this projector is worth your money and time. There are 5 different modes to choose from so the versatility of the projector is not an issue. The projector is very easy to set up and is comfortable to use as well.

Extended Lamp Lifespan

With the help of two different modes of the lamp, the users will now get an extended lifespan for the projector. All you have to do here is switch on the Power Save settings and disable the signal input. The projector then automatically switches to the power saving Eco and SuperEco mode.

Even if the projector remains idle for about 5 mins, it will automatically switch to the Eco Mode from the Normal Mode. Also, without receiving the input signal for about 20 mins, the SuperEco mode gets activated. As a result of that, the lifespan of the lamp is extended to 15000 hours. The images that are projected will be dimmed up to 70% on this mode.

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Auto Sleep Timer

Very often it happens that people forget to shut their projectors off. This results in a lot of loss in the lamp lifespan. This is not an issue with the ViewSonic PA503S. The sleep timer that is provided in the projector ensures that the projector puts itself to the sleep mode if it has been inactive for some time. The process is automatic so you don’t have to worry about shutting it off every time.

Automatic Power Off

In case the projector isn’t able to detect any particular signal input, it will shut off automatically. That saves a lot of the lifespan of the lamp as well as the energy of the projector.

Bright Images At Any Lighting

The 3600 Lumens of the brightness comes along with a high contrast of 22000:1 will ensure that the images that are produced have a very high quality. The light present in the room will not be able to affect the quality and the brightness of the images.

Superb Color Accuracy

Many of you might not know this but the SuperColor technology that is used in this projector will allow the users to have many visible colors. So, you will be able to view more accurate and realistic colors, no matter what the environment is in the room. The picture quality will not be sacrificed as well.

PA503S-connections options

Fine-Tuned View

For a user-friendly experience, there are 5 different modes of using the projector and these are the Brightest Mode, Presentation Mode, Photo Mode, Movie Mode, and Standard Mode. You will be able to choose from these different modes depending on the environment and the device that you are using.

3D Viewing

The HDMI port available in the projector will allow the users to have a 3D view of the images if they are using the Blu-Ray players. Also, the tablets, laptops, and other media players are perfectly compatible with the product.

Easy To Activate

Enabling two easy and simple settings bring your projector to life. Enable the Direct Power to power up the projector and use the Signal Power to make sure that the projector turns on after detecting a cable connection from VGA.

Remote Control Usage

8 different modes of the remote control make this projector very easy to operate and configure.

Should You Buy The ViewSonic PA503S?

Now that you know all about the features and the pros and cons of the projector, do you think it is a suitable option to buy?

Well, if you ask us, then we would say to go for it if you need a projector with a good lamp life. The versatility, design, performance, and user-friendly experience for the people are some of the best things about the ViewSonic PA503S.

Also, the price of the product is not that high. If you want a long-lasting projector for your classroom or your home theater, then the ViewSonic PA503S is the perfect choice for you.

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Final Verdict

For the price that it comes in, the ViewSonic PA503 provides exceptional value for money. Whether you are purchasing this for outdoor movie nights or office presentations, the ViewSonic PA503 is likely to deliver.

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