Projector Native Resolution: A Guide For The Confused Buyer

We all enjoy our home theater experience, sitting with our friends and family, a bowl of popcorn in hand in front of big flat-screen television blasting out our favorite movie. More and more people by the day have chosen to expand this experience by taking a foray into the world of video projection systems. This

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Contrast Ratio Projector: Buyers Guide

Among all the video projector specifications with which consumers must wrestle, the image contrast ratio is the least important. It is not, however, irrelevant since there are minimum ratios that should be considered (around 5000:1 or greater). The image contrast ratio is the ratio between the brightest white and blackest black that the projection system

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How To Make Projector Screens

So, you have ditched the old flat screen and taken the plunge into the world of projection systems for your home theater. Congratulations. However, selecting the right projection system for you is only half the equation. Without a proper screen, your investment will seem to provide a lower-quality picture than a television. Your choice in

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DVI-I vs DVI-D: What Is The Difference?

Digital Video Interface (DVI) output is a common way of connecting an external video display to a computer or audio-visual system with a standalone graphics card containing a DVI output port. DVI produces an RGB (Red-Green-Blue)-based video signal in either a digital or backward-compatible VGA analog output. There are distinct differences in utility based on

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ANSI Lumens Vs Lumens: What Is The Difference?

There are many specifications to consider when purchasing a video projection system. Specifications can be confusing to newcomers when selecting a system, particularly when it comes to projection brightness. It can be a bit confusing when attempting to compare system performance between lamp, LED or laser projection systems. Here, we review the distinctions between ANSI

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